Predatory landlords are buying up trailer parks en masse

Are you sure it’s landlords and not banks? I know quite a few quants and banker types who are positively gloating over their ongoing operation to make sure every bit of real estate in the world is either owned by an investment fund or mortgaged to the hilt and beyond.


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i know we are getting off topic with regard to land based mobile home parks being bought up and options for affordable housing dry up with the liveaboard issue, but i believe they are part of the same scheme.
this vid was produced before the law passed and it details the problems this new law brings, the monied interests that conceived the plan and assholes enforcing it - legal and illegal methods to chase off people just trying to be able to live and work in key west. it is a stupid piece of legislation and the FWC commissioner who got the law passed is owner of waterfront propeties on the island including the second cruise ship dock on key west.


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I wonder about how the tiny house market will play out once all the regulatory/securitization kinks are worked out and they start qualifying for conventional mortgages. Seems likely things will go in the same direction: securitization leading to commodification, residents renting the land from rentiers.

This is a story that I would expect to see Cory Doctorow cover, and he probably has. It’s soemtihng that definitely needs more visibility.

I recall hearing a story on… Planet Money, was it? …that talked about this, and the residents were able to form their own association of some sort and they were able to buy the land collectively. It had a happy ending, IIRC, though it seems that’s rare.


Love me some Carter, thanks for this!


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