President Obama speaks on Syria

It’s not just good, it’s the only option if we’re going to interfere at all. Just because throwing war at strangers for their imagined benefit is considered socially acceptable doesn’t mean it’s ever been okay.

The best long term approach I’ve got is what I’ve been trying to put in the co-opernation site that turned into TL;DR for too many people, so obviously the ‘hiring people into productive citizenship’ angle is still untapped, so we could use help there. And a person’s a person, right? A refugee who wants the sort of life we talk about there is by definition a prime candidate, since it’s all about the motivation. There’s a few mind-hacks inherent in the design.

Maybe if somebody actually knows a group that’s trying to set up a sustainable community but needs more people to get some economy of scale they could connect a group with that or another good vision? Many of them also have that ‘every human’ approach . . . and really the ones who gravitate to that sort of thing are the ones that deserve it, right?

Barring that, maybe get some people to get some numbers together and start trying to spread them everywhere or get them in the hands of Cory, Xeni and the rest. Maybe there’s a good meme somebody could put together, right? I’m not terribly artistic but I live outside the box and occasionally can tighten words well enough to make some good zingers. Use our best words and make them better. Ideas should be free, I think.