Why CNN gave Miley Cyrus top spot over Syria



It’s inane, but I almost prefer it over the jingoistic, media ramp-up to go to war with Syria. The war profit machine has been trying to lie that chemical weapons have been used in Syria for a long time as an excuse. Until we see solid EVIDENCE, I’m not going to believe the hype.

(EDIT: I apologize, I wasn’t clear. In the above sentence, I should have said, “used only by the Syrian government” instead of “used in Syria”)

Did American citizens not learn a damn thing from the fake WMDs for the Iraq War? If there was a chemical attack, we don’t know which side did it. I wouldn’t put it past the Syrian government, nor the rebels to stage it to pull us into war.

We don’t want these guys to starve, do we?


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I was just arguing that our news outlets are the gummi bears of the ursine world just a couple of hours a go!

I love these timely supporting arguments.


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Stopped watching CNN several years ago, but had a different reaction to this. The CNN screencap reads in part:

“twerks, stuns VMAs crowd”

Twerks? Is this a word? How do you twerk? Should you respond in kind? Is tipping necessary? Urban dictionary was unable to help. Which means it has yet to be defined. I think something like the following:

Twerk To provide cheap and tawdry celebrity link bait for gossip sites.

I’m sure it can be expanded.


Well, yeah. We’re in the age of news orgs being run for a profit, which hey, if Miley Cyrus’s bizarre performance is trending more than Syria, will be top priority.

I agree with Cowicide, though. It’s amazing how many friends I have that were totally against getting into/continuing the Iraq war, who are now letting their feelings about chemical weapons whip them into a frenzy to demand that the United States get involved in another war. How long until we acknowledge that the U.S. is broke? I’m guessing we have to go the way of other empires, in the same way.

Buckle up, kids, this isn’t going to be fun.


Yeah. Not salvageable.

The only real value the media provides is scaring people into going crazy and giving them more stories.

The more seriously we take them the more dangerous they are. They’re just LARPing.


NPR helpfully supplied this link, for those public radio listeners like me who aren’t hip to the happening lingo.

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You didn’t look very hard.

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Apparently it’s something that Elvis did that shocked elderly people, and which is now being revived as a ‘saucy’ dance move.


Oh, but with CNN, you get BOTH! joy


You do realize that when you borrow money in a currency you yourself create, you can’t “go broke,” right? The USA’s finances are not analogous to your personal finances.

I’m not making a case for or against going to war against Syria, but I am kind of tired of the “tea party/GOP” “we’re broke!” argument being made by people who don’t seem to have a grasp on macroeconomics.


What? You mean that an economy and a budget are different things? But… that would mean Paul Ryan has no idea what he’s talking about!

You accuse a politician of lying! Harrumph I say!

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Well I hope it at least made the Style section. Is the Beetlejuice look back in or something?


+10k internetz for you good sir. I really like that Winona Ryder in the bottom left.


You equally realize that when a sovereign country with its own currency prints too much of that currency to cover debts and promises, two things happen: 1) that the perceived value of that currency drops compared to other countries’ sovereign currencies (devaluation), and 2) the perceived value of that currency among the users drops in relation to actual items for purchase (inflation), right?

I am not making a case for or against going to war with Syria, but I am kind of tired of the “tea partiers are idiots in macroeconomics” arguments being made by people who don’t seem to have a grasp on macroeconomics.

NOTE: I think the tea partiers are a bunch of idiots for purely social issue reasons, and also because they apply overly-simple logic to complex problems.


Of course inflation is the risk. The issue is, there is no significant inflation going on despite how much money we’ve created since the crash, and, if inflation begins, there are tools to fight it, such as raising interest rates, having the Fed stop eating so much debt, etc. I’m not too worried about the relative value of the dollar to other currencies. We’re still the biggest economy on the planet, especially now that folks seem to be realizing that much of China’s recent growth is a sham (empty cities?)


Why is New Media so holier than thou when it comes to old media?’ when you post content like this, which needless to say is not original, you show how insecure you really are. every news outlet has been covering the atrocities occurring in syria including cnn which is doing as good a job as any cable news company can under the present conditions. Here are some other parties you can criticize for twerking while syrian babies are dying; miley cyrus; her production company; the concert hall that hosted the event; the concert promoter. All of these parties had a hand in the event which featured the offensive behavior while the atrocities in syria occurred. besides cnn is only differentiating its product which any well run media company would do in a diversified sector they compete in. let us no forget they also have a fiduciary responsibility to their share holders. I would wager that the editorial decisions they make on their website are completely independent of the editorial decisions they make on their cable channel. an any happy mutant worth his or her salt knows that on the web you are dealing with a completely different audience tn on the cable channel. did they lead any of the nightly news casts with the miley-twerking story? my guess is not.

I can’t take credit for the image, but it was too good to not share.

I tend to use “going broke” as shorthand for that. It’s all well and good that we can create, in theory, infinite amounts of money. It’s a tad bit idiotic to think it’s a good idea. And really, if we started talking about the situation of the government wrt to situation of everyday Americans, “going broke” isn’t that out of line imho.