Princess Leia ears for your cat


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This is out right favoritism to cats. What if my chocolate lab wants to be Princess Leia…where are her ears?

its doggoism that what it is.


I’d simply attach small cinnamon buns to our office cat’s ears, then eat the buns later.



Looks like it could double as a challah bread or croissant costume for carb-obsessed cat parents.


Well this is cute and all. As long as you think colonialist rape is cute. And that’s all this is, Patriarchical cis normative identity rape. You don’t know what gender your cat identifies as! Who are you to assign a gender to your cohabitation being and put “female” princess Leia buns on your cat. I’ll bet you a white man invented this.


Those aren’t her ears. They’re hair buns.


Now I want a Princess Leia with cat ears.


Hair buns that she could hear with. Everyone knows that!


My new(ish) cat is named Han Solo. My old(ish) cat is Princess Gem. Perhaps I should get Leia ears for Princess Gem and they’d fall in love?

It would be a cross-universe romance, though. Gem got her name from Classic Trek; when she says, “Meow!,” nothing comes out. She’s not very empathic, though.

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