Print of "lost" britcom discovered in Nigerian basement and restored with X-rays and laser-cutters


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So we have Nigerian prints offering some previously overlooked treasures to the world. I wonder how long it took to get anyone to respond to their emails about it.


Anyone else read that headline as Bitcoin?

I was thoroughly confused. maybe I was just expecting to see another bitcoin story


I know, I know. It’s never a Nigerian Printess, is it? Tsch.


“These illegally retained prints were not in good shape…”

No doubt, while BBC R&D is hard at work restoring the lost content, BBC lawyers are busy preparing a lawsuit for damages against the licensee.


I’m hopeful that this will work out, because I doubt that the BBC would want to advertise expensive failures considering that Rupert Murdoch and the Tories want them either gone or privatised.

Part three is up, it looks like it is in the more standard recovery process now.

I shall leave the final words to Eric and Ernie


Yeah, I was pretty sure that’s not how bitcoin mining works.


Me too. That would have been a good story.


Me too. My mind instantly constructed a scam where people were selling counterfeit 3D printed bitcoins to the gullible.

I like the real story better, though!


In these days of DRM, it is instructive to note that the only reasons that these exist is that somebody violated their contract. Don’t think that the fact that storage is cheap means that it is invariably true that somebody will make the effort and make it their responsibility to archive material.


Meanwhile, every single episode of “Jersey Shore” is retained in a perfect high-definition digital archive, preserved for all eternity.


From the article:

After much discussion Graham generally concurred that scanning a roll of film with X-rays was probably impossible.

And so naturally, he got to work on it almost immediately.


Well even though he lived here for a while, one can hardly expect Cory to use the correct form: Britcom (which may, for some, have reduced the potential for confused misreading, with the correct use of a capital B).

Having just watched “Eric, Ernie and Me” on TV here - a dramadoc about Morecambe and Wise’s legendary writer, Eddie Braben, which took the starting point of just how bad the first series was, hence Eddie Braben being drafted in, I long to see this when it is restored.


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