Procedurally-generated drawings of fish

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Seems fishy to me.


Nothing to worry about - it’s all fin.


Check out El-FIsh - procedural generated 3d fish tank from 1993. I remember buying this from the mall because it looked cool. I was so disappointed when it took several HOURS to run a render for a single fish to drop into the tank, I think it was a 486 DX/66.

Now I can run it in dos box and 15 seconds to render a fish.


Anybody here been playing with Adobe’s new procedural 3D stuff? It’s tantalizing, if still half-baked.

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That’s great – does the cat’s paw ever grab a fish?

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maybe you had a SX chip, without an FPU?

“Named by Computer Gaming World as the 13th worst game ever made”


No definitely had a 486 DX. It might have been a DX2. But not an sx.

Album title or band name


I took a couple of these AI generated fish and put them through Text-to-Image machine learning (I’m using Visions of Chaos for this) as seed images with the text “a photorealistic photo of a fish” and “a pencil sketch of a colorful fish.”

This fish does not exist.


I sea what you did there. You’ve got impressive scales.

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The gills love my style.

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Check out VQGAN+CLIP.

That’s what Visions of Chaos is using.

There is more than just a dorsal of truth to that, I’m sure.

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Oh no, that’s a slippery fish we have here.

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