Proton Mail - email based in Switzerland - so away from Trump!

Lookin’ good.

Free one looks ok, pay one looks super duper, but I’m checking free one first


I have a protonmail account.

I also use GPG, but apparently only two other people in my life are up to creating, registering and using PGP keys for encryption.


Been using it for quite a while (I think before they opened it up to everybody). Works well for me. Finally set up a paid version with a custom domain about a month ago - plan on moving most of my Gmail stuff to there.
There is also unseen which is based in Iceland.

They also have secure messaging.


I like the look of this, just been reading their comprehensive blog and they also have a regularly updated transparency report. The only problem is when a state goes after them, forcing them to hand over their private keys. They’re swiss though, aren’t they? So not entirely comparable to what happened to lavabit.


The Swiss are rather resilient to outside pressure.

You’d hope so but the way the world seems to be sliding to the far right, particularly in europe, we might witness how far that resilience goes. I’m aware they’re not an EU member though.

three! (as soon as I reach the state “part of @JemmieDuffs’s life”)

be careful, the internal policies of Switzerland are, uh, dubious. they have data retention since 2002 and a national referendum just a few months ago gave the intelligence service NDB/SRC/SIC/SIC* much more rights.

and as you’re talking about outside pressure: the famous Swiss bank secrecy? mostly dead since 2012. the US was really unhappy about tax evasion and “convinced” Switzerland to comply.

* countries with multiple official languages are fucking weird


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