Psygnosis Amiga Game Generator

What made it psychedelic?

The first computer I bought was an Amiga 500. The second was an Amiga 3000. Two more steps in the long road of my geekdom, I guess. I remember a lot of Psygnosis titles, although hitting that random generator a few times, I started to wonder if some of those were real and I just don’t remember them.

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F**K you Psygnosis!!!

Deluxe Paint?


Guru Meditation baby!

and thanks for this Rob :slight_smile: I remember hours spent re-reading the same game magazines (couldn’t afford more than one budget game every month or two), looking at the screenshots for Shadow of the Beast, wondering what it would be like to play (difficult and not that much fun it turns out).
Looking at the original box art, mayby there’s a place in V2 for a button that adds random stickers to the picture. Perhaps even an old price sticker, Shadow of the Beast would have been about £19.99 brand new, right?




A v2 would have:

  1. Random stickers
  2. Chance of Psyclapse
  3. Generative 70s prog rock SF art rather than the same 30 Dean paintings (awesome as they are)

In that case, I would argue that other computers which predate the Amiga were just as psychedelic, making the Amiga not the “world’s first psychedelic computer”.

this is saved for the future…


Came here to post my glee at getting a Uriah Heep album cover. Leaving disappointed that it has nothing to do with Uriah Heep.

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