Punk rocker Jenny Toomey takes stand against AI music

Nobody is a “former punk rocker.” Once punk, always punk. You just don’t have a funny haircut anymore.


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(I don’t consider myself punk, as I’m neither well-versed in the genre nor am I always self-confident… but I’ve got a decent appreciation for the music I’ve heard so far. :grin: )


Sorry if I am unclear. The artists need to co-ordinate all manner of things (studio time, engineers, other contributors, publishing etc.) that currently the label or managers do. That work can or will easily be done by AI and artist should be pushing for AI in those areas so that they are then free to create their music as they see fit.
Put simply AI can replace artists’ work (poorly) for the labels or the artist can replace the label’s work with AI.

Amazingly, some artist have figured that out without turning to AI, and that’s been true for a long while now. :woman_shrugging: No need to more reinvent the wheel with a much crappier version that isn’t even round… that work is still done by people (sometimes the artist, sometimes their manager, sometimes a label, indie or major, etc).

But that’s not what the recording industry would like to replace anyhow. If they could build a successful AI artist that doesn’t get a cut of the profits. We know this, because every opportunity they have to fuck over the artists, they take it.


I saw a thread about a studio hiring some prompters to generate AI art for a project. This guy was the art director for the project, and while against the whole thing, stuck with it (bills to pay).

Here is the big take away:

Sure, it can generate the kernel of an idea, but if you want to start making specific changes, changes in lighting, changes in specific elements or details (keep this, add that, remove this, change that) they can’t deliver. It invariably gets worse instead of better. The art was generated flat, where as a a real artist would be working in layers, so things like changing the color of the sky or moving foreground elements would be easy to an artist, required a whole new prompt generation.

I hope this little fun fad dies soon, though Photoshop is going to incorporate it into future versions, so probably not. :confused:


How does AI book time at a recording studio or reach out to distributors or land gigs at venues or negotiate royalties or do any of the other critical tasks related to crafting and managing a career in music?

That sounds like almost as shitty a solution as replacing the artists themselves, honestly.


… Gavin McInnes :unamused:

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He was never punk rock. If you later fly your racist flag, then you were never punk rock.


There is a third option. Ditch the “AI”. I put that in quotes because none of this is actually AI. That’s the marketing, but that’s not what it is.


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We know how to build alternatives to the mainstream music industry. That was built up during the 80s and 90s.


Fuckin A.

Machine learning isn’t artificial intelligence, and it sure as hell ain’t ‘artificial life.’


“former punk rocker.”

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It already has, it is crap at hands and anatomy but can extend a background fairly well.


Yeah, I haven’t upgraded yet. It honestly sounds like a good tool for photo touch ups. I mean, we have had that healing brush and content aware brush for awhile. (I am still crap with the advanced Photoshop stuff, most of my time is in Indesign.)

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No doubt it will improve (in an optimistic mood) but it is not professional quality.

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There are a number of AI services already that handle phone or other communications. They will definitely be used by venues, distributors etc. so the artists AI negotiates with the other AIs and then the artist and venue (for example) each approve.

AIs deciding which artists get booked at which venues and how much people get compensated? Sounds like a nightmare to me, especially for creatives.

Suddenly everyone is incentivized to make output that appeals to an algorithm instead of content that appeals to human beings. It’s like what happened to search engines and online publishing, only even more depressing.


And all of this shit is completely dependent on the existing infrastructure of the grid… which hasn’t been properly maintained in many places.


Sorry, the AIs negotiate and the people approve or reject what was negotiated. Apologies for my writing being unclear.