Demo of AI-generated music

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Sounds like something a non-smoker wrote.


The broad realm of production/library music, the sort of intentionally unemotive instrumental noodling you hear in corporate training videos and local advertisements, is surely a goner.

Maybe, maybe not. The existence of clip-art libraries hasn’t killed graphics design.

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Suno ( makes Stable Audio look like a kid smashing on a piano. Give it a try.

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I think these AI tools might eventually make art better, but in the meantime they’ll make most professional artists redundant.

Right now most of the music that gets produced and that we’re exposed to day to day (not stuff we intentionally listen to but things we hear in ads, pharmacies, whatever) might as well be AI-generated.

When no one makes a living producing commercial trash, the chief motivation to create art will be for its own sake. The community of artists will be smaller but more devoted, maybe

I’m not going to listen to music nobody could be bothered to play.

Pay creative people real money and stop ripping them off.


Even elevators say no.


I would hazard a guess that it reduced the number of people living off it by a lot, though.


Feel like I’ve already heard some of these loops (“uplifting guitar”) while waiting on hold for corporate customer service.

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The aritsts that are being fucked over by AI generated shit are the small artists who do it because they are devoted to making art… and I’d also argue that even most of the artists who are making what YOU consider to be “commercial trash” are also devoted to making art, even if it’s not art that YOU personally value…

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Pretty much my standard response when someone suggests the output of an LLM.

I did really enjoy that “AI” death metal stream on YouTube a few years ago but that might be because I never listened to that kind of music and so was incapable of telling whether they were taking the piss or not.

Still there:

Nearly five years later.


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That’s really the sad thing. The person who draws the cartoon mascot on the box of knockoff cereal ends up in that position because they’re devoted to art, but capitalist society channels their talent into making, yes, trash. Do you think they originally decided to become an artist to make such things? Do you personally value the jingle that plays on the gas station ad screen?

It’s unfortunate that a lot of artists will be losing their livelihood because of AI, but it was also unfortunate that so many could only make a living with art totally alien to what they would make if they were free from commercial pressure. And finally, it was and is unfortunate that so many people who would rather be making art don’t do so because they need to make a living some other way.

None of it is “unfortunate,” it is all deliberate.

There’s a million Basquiats and Mozarts out there right now, but they’re forced to do wage-slave jobs because assholes keep stealing their art and pretending they’re innovators.


careful there; “we” already had that discussion in some form in regards to illustrations a month ago…

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Yes, people being able to have a roof over there head, eat, raise children, etc and make art… just bloody awful. Being a starving artist who never makes money is the ONLY pure way to be an artist, after all… /s

I mean, good for you that such things aren’t a concern… That’s just not true for everyone who doesn’t come from wealth.

You know every artist everywhere and what they’d make? Amazing! /s

that part…

And of course, it’s not as black and white as some would have us believe. There isn’t some magical time or place where there aren’t some kinds of pressure on artists to prop up the ruling ideology in some way in order to be able to make a living at being creative. Yes, capitalism puts commercial pressure on artists, but I bet you that many of those people making art for cereal boxes also make art for other things. And how do people think artists prior to the capitalist era made a living - by being paid by the elite to make art! Not much different, even if it’s commercial…


From my perspective, any job you have to do to make a living is a wage-slave job, including “artist.”

I’m not arguing any of these AI disruptions are a good thing, and I would prefer that none of them happen/continue happening. But it sure looks like they’re a done deal.

You’re putting a lot of words in my mouth.

I don’t think an artist has to starve to be a pure artist. But it is a fact that an artist who wants to make a living from art in a capitalist society has to make art that the market will pay for, one way or another. To me this is a bad thing.

It’s not about a mythical past where artists were free, because I agree there wasn’t one. I’m looking at things in light of a potential future in which we can all be free, though it feels a very long way from here

Mid-Century Utopian Sci-Fi Fantasy: One day advanced machines will do all the menial tasks, freeing up humanity to pursue creative endeavors like arts and music.

State of A.I. in 2024: We’ve automated the production of arts and music so humans can dedicate more of their time to menial tasks.