Puppy rave


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This dog has got some moves, too…


What? Is that even? What?


The source video is one of my favorites, but that’s a pretty irresistable mix.


It’s 11 o’clock – do you know where your puppy is? He or she could be at a Rave!!!


Love the circle dog hype girl



I’ve stomped on so many people’s feet dancing like that in a rave mosh. Fortunately, everyone was stomping on everyone’s feet. It all balances out in the end, and getting footstomped is just a part of pressing into the wall of flesh.


I’d disown my dog if she turned out to be in to EDM/Rave culture. This is a Rock & Roll house, and while she lives under my roof, she will be a Rock & Roll dog.


All is on! (feel it, feel it, feel it!)


Electronic music can, and does, rock:


With respect, to my ears (and I stress this as opinion), that didn’t rock at all.

THIS rocks, my friend. (Skip to 1:48 if you want to get to the hot stuff.)


That is fucking brilliant; and is going in my drive-time music collection.


Ow ow ow my ears are bleeding…OMG WTF was that?


Gabber. It’s good, man. Have some bathtub crank and try again.


Our puppy not allowed to play with THOSE kinds.


Rave all the things.


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