Purism starts shipping its Librem 5 open/free phone

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2019/09/09/respects-your-freedom.html

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It’s totally open except for all the parts that aren’t (like the baseband OS).

I hope it gets enough support to get updated in the future. Including a good camera would be a nice improvement.


Hey, at least this device gives you the hardware kill-switch to completely power off the baseband processor apart from the APU. The same goes for all the other radios onboard. I can’t think of any other piece of hardware that can claim that.

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I have more hopes for the PinePhone.

Purism tends to be a bit more mouth than trousers in terms of delivering.

I looked this up and was disappointed to learn that it is not, in fact, a mobile phone that runs the “classic” UW Pine console mail reader.

It can be, if you want.

Same ol’ no-price-posted advert. If I have to ask the price, I will not be purchasing it.

The idea of switching off functions is so desirable, though. The cheapie laptop I bought for a airgap machine combines the microphone and webcam firmware, insuring that I can’t really delete the firmware and reinstall it if/when I decide to put the wi-fi card back in to the device.

I have a ThinkPad T480 with Manjaro Linux and have had almost 0 issues installing Linux on ThinkPad’s and Inspirons. Care to share what’s got you so disappointed installing Linux on it?

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