Putting a price on our data won't make the platforms stop abusing our privacy

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The idea of privacy was never a radical concept until recently when people found an easy and massive way to monopolize it for most of the human population.

Privacy should be a basic human right and we need a right to be left alone and forgotten.

I’ve said it a thousand times, please donate to the EFF. Other than the ACLU I don’t consider any other organization in America more important


When a timber company accidentally chops down the wrong trees, they always want to reimburse the owners as if they had decided to sell the trees. It generally takes pushback to get the timber company to pay a fee based on the damage done, and what itll take to restore the property,and the time itll take before its back to the way it was.

So too with mishandled data: the damage it can do far outweighs the value of a positive sale.

For that matter, fossil fuel companies dont want to put a price tag on runaway global warming, they only want to value the stuff in the ground as if they could sell all of it for what they get today.

Its almost as if global capitalism doesnt know how to value “bads”, only goods.

What if the privacy rules in North America were changed to match those in Europe. Would that make all this go away?


Don’t give data then. That’s their stock in trade. Go basic. Don’t allow them to sell ad space based on accurate targetting.

Seriously. I’m working on this stuff. We’re aiming to remove their oxygen. It’s not that hard. It’s much easier than everyone thinks.

Fuck, we all had friends in the 80s without opening our pants for the world to see. Social networks have no purpose for the data mass in terms of relationships. Remove the data, spoof the data, mislead the algorithms.

Press down on their jugular and they’ll simply faint. A bad quarter for a public company leads to years of investors hunting down the managers.

Just stop playing their game.


I like that they used the word “barter.” When filing your federal income taxes in the U.S., you’re supposed to report all of your “bartered” transactions, and so are all the people you bartered with.

If you use an affinity card at the grocery store, your receipt usually has a note that says something like, “You saved $6.53 by using your club card.”

Imagine adding all those up for the year and reporting a bartering transaction with the grocery chain on your taxes: “I traded personal shopping history for a total of $138.22 in discounts on products from $RETAILER.” Would $RETAILER get in trouble for not reporting their side of the bartering going on here?


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