Python falls from ceiling in bank


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I’m wondering how a creature with no hands makes a deposit or withdrawal?




You know, you can go years without needing a picture of Jackson, and then, bam! Twice in as many weeks.


I had a hard time parsing this headline at first because I was just thinking about some Python code.


Well, Python is cross-platform. This one just didn’t make it across.


I was afraid it was Monty, something something circus didn’t fly…


That bank CEO sure was given a shitty office.


From the ceiling?

Don’t they usually slither out of the sub-prime loan officers’ cubicles?


“Well, this one didn’t try to sell us any collateralized debt obligations; so we’ll call today a win.”


Becaussssse thatsssss where the money issssss
– Willie Python –


This is in contrast to Wells Fargo bank, where the snakes are actually running the meetings.


If it was them, it would have been this from the ceiling:


I would have expected C++ in a banking situation.


There is some karma in there, methinks. Whales Forgo would have been a more likely target, karmically.


I think banks mostly run on coffee scripts?


Well, it was an upgrade from this:



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