Q&A on Non-Moderation Matters (Mechanics, How-To, etc.)

Are you quoting the entire post you’re replying to?

Usually not. Possibly always not (I did not keep records) :wink:


An excellent feature.

(ducks and runs away)


Hmm - I didn’t think I was doing that but it is possible I was quoting only minimal text from a post that had only that minimal text and other stuff such as links or images. Would the system treat just the text part as quoting the whole post?

I’ll g back and have a look tomorrow (bedtime now).

So is the double edit indication because the first edit was the system removing a quote and the second one was me putting it back?

And why should other readers be told I edited my post twice when in fact I edited not at all, or at most once (depending one one’s POV)?

In any case, normally when I edit a post that quickly the edit does not ‘count’ -the post is not marked as edited. So why does this one?

I can see how what it is doing might be seen as ‘working to spec’ but it is not consistent nor does it communicate accurately what went on.

Though I’ll can see that whereas I see the edit marks as meaning “the author edited their post”, perhaps the system uses them to say “the post was edited (even if it was me, the system, wot edited it!)”


I am not an employee of Discourse. These questions are best asked on meta.discourse.org. I just happen to know what the behaviour is.


Ok, thanks. I guess I thought they might be configuration settings set on deployment. Cheers.

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Nope - a lot of these are “baked in” to Discourse. A great example of this is how it removes punctuation or duplicate words from titles - I spent waaaay too much time trying to figure out why the tagline “The forums of Boing Boing” kept becoming “The forums of Boing” before I realized Discourse just wasn’t going to let me have that. :wink:


Your mistake was probably to leave a space between Boing and Boing. BoingBoing might have slipped through. :wink:

Is there a feature to enable notifications for a particular string? I see how to do it for categories, tags, etc., but there doesn’t seem to be any ability to do a custom notification. (I have Badge-Related Reasons for wanting this.)

If such a feature doesn’t exist, I hereby submit a feature request!


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Could you set up a Google search alert that is pointed at the bbs for your string? That seems like a delightfully over-complicated way to do this!

There is a plugin called “saved searches” which works as you describe. You set up a search, it executes periodically, and you get a PM of the results.


Ooh, thanks! Now to convince @orenwolf

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I see no issue with that - we can’t add plugins but I’ll open a request with the Discourse folks!

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Is there a way to unflag a post? I flagged something as off topic, then the poster edited and added more on topic stuff. It’s still not a greatly relevant post, but I’d remove my flag if I could.


I have noticed that there is a brief grace period during which you can edit your post without the “Edited” symbol appearing. I usually use this because my stupid phone always assumes that I must mean “it’s” whenever I type “its” and I don’t notice until I have already posted.

Is this grace period time based or is does it just last until your post is seen/liked/replied to?

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IIRC, it’s just a straight up 5 minute timer, but it could have been expanded to 10 minutes in a patch at some point.

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If somebody links a gif from another site (giphy), it shows up as a missing image for me. Other people can see the gif, though. If I open the image in another tab (opening the external site), the gif works.

I’ve disabled adblock for this forum. Safari for Mac, v 14.1.2. @codinghorror, do you know what’s wrong?