R-KADE-R: Handbuilt, wooden portable arcade console


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Remove the first digit from the price tag, and I’d be interested.

What’s an Atari 2800?

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That would be an atari 2600 duct-taped to an atari 7800. It was a rare and short-lived console. Very collectable.


So more popular than the 7800 is what you’re saying.

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hahaha, like…

… and double like.

No but seriously, this thing is beautiful, but 2800 pounds? Christ; and it actually emulates more consoles than what’s mentioned in the description.

huh… didn’t know Duke Nukem 3d was a game system.

Apparently, Doom is a game system, too.

I have gathered the bits to build a similar emulator (Raspberry Pi, arcade buttons and joystick, small screen), and have access to a laser cutter to build an enclosure. Seeing this makes me want to actually build the thing, though. I’d be saving thousands!

It’s pretty great that the hardware underneath this is undoubtedly the $35 Pi.

If it is a Pi then I’m a little dubious about his MAME claim. He’ll be able to support some MAME games, but the Pi is underpowered as a MAME device. I’m a little curious how well PS1 games work too. He might have one of the more powerful Pi-like clones instead.

So this is like one of those cigar box ukuleles we see here every so often, but with a screen, buttons and other electronic stuff instead of a neck, strings and tuning hardware.

They should try jamming a Game Boy into an Altoids tin next. :smiley:

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