Rad Power ebikes might be the future of commuting

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Well, it definitely looks rad to me! :heart_eyes:

Still kinda prefer electric scooters since you can get them for a fraction of the price… like my beloved Xiaomi M365 can be had on sale for $330 these days. Electric bikes are at least $800 and usually $1000 - $3000.


Scooters seem great for the reasons you mentioned, but the potential for headers also seems really great because of the small wheels. I’ve never ridden one, never having had a helmet with me when rentals were within eyeshot and the reports of high incidence of accidents, especially for newbies, makes me wary of riding one with or without a helmet, but way more so without.


Yeah small wheels and high speeds are not a good combo, which is why I feel all electric scooters should be hard-limited to about 15mph … that and the general riding posture, etc.

That blog entry has a video of a dude riding an electric scooter that goes up to 40mph and the guy was so terrified, even with full motorcycle safety gear, he couldn’t bear going beyond about 35mph :rofl:


With an electric skateboard instead of a scooter you may be able just step off. You’re not trapped on it the way you are with a scooter handle bar in front of you.


Endorse these, I’ve had three- a Wagon that we sold when our kids got too big to carry two at a time, and now have his and hers Rad Runners. Use it every day for a commute that’s 6 miles of city riding each way.
There are two ways to use ebikes- less effort for same speed, or same effort for more speed. I usually do the latter so end up somewhat sweaty but make the commute in 30 minutes instead of 45 it takes me with a regular bike. The other thing is that I follow all traffic laws because starting up again from a stop sign isn’t as annoying with a motor, although now I’m annoyed by all the bikers who buzz by me while I’m stopping.


The future of commuting is telecommuting. I get that in the short term we need to get cars off the road and have more bikes and pedestrians and trains and whatnot. But 20-30 years from now I probably won’t need a bike.


I guess I’ll hope for an e-walker then… :thinking:


Coronvavirus just tipped the scales for me and ladyGoose to agree that it’s better for me to commute via our e-bike (not this brand, but that one looks pretty cool.) than take the train (or Corona in a Can as I’ve taken to calling it). Ours can also carry two kids and makes the trip to the Y a breeze. We paid a pretty penny, but it’s insane how little it costs to operate, and its a fat tire like this. Also despite being able to carry two kids, it’s compact enough to fit in our tiny foyer with a stroller side-by-side


Electric skateboards have teeeeny tiiiiny wheels. So if you were worried (and rightfully so!) about the physics of small wheels, electric skateboard ain’t the way.

I also feel that needing a remote to control the skateboard makes electric skateboards much, much weirder beasts than electric scooters overall.


This also brings up the hiiiideous Vanilla Ice song as well which is not a welcome memory :grimacing:


Cool but I can’t imagine commuting 40 miles on LA freeways on that.


I can’t imagine commuting 40 miles on LA freeways. How long does that take, a work-week?


90 minutes to 2+ hours, lately i’ve been working from home.


You might want a electric assisted velomobile:

For some reason, the German wikipedia article features lots of pictures of different brands the English version lacks.

Velomobiles are enclosed, so that they have better aerodynamics and weather protection, there’s three and four wheel varieties which are risky on slippery roads.


they might see the light of day when they take the weight off some

I guess “ebike” has a better ring to it than “emoped”.


Or the Citroen Ami:


There are lots of jobs that handle physical objects or deal with other people. Do you really want to end up in a hospital with a telecommuting nurse telling you how to change your own bandages? Even if you can work from home, surely you want to have the ability to move around?


I had the pleasure of riding in one of these (as a passenger, the driver was family friend and she was so adept!):


It had an electric boost. It was very low to the ground and not tippy, even when it felt like we were going fast on curves.

Here’s what the Twike looks like now:


It was super fun and such a joy not to be out in the German rains. We traveled about 30 MPH on regular German country roads. Obviously not suitable for and would never be allowed on the Autobahn.