Rain releases aerosols (and it's beautiful)



 Rain releases aerosols

Is rain not an aerosol itself? Well, depending on droplet size, anyway.


As someone who gets migraines at times of rainy weather I can’t help but wonder if petrichor is the actual trigger. I suspect there are a host of substances released into the air due to rainy weather from the soil.


I thought that petrichor was the name of the smell, and that geosmin was the actual compound ( or at least one of them) that produced it.


I liked it up to the point when they claimed Escherichia coli would be a disease. I say, I will not part with my E. coli for all the medical bullshit you could come up with.


I thought that smell was just Thetans being released.

(Or something like that. I wasn’t taking notes.)


Rain releases aerosols

No one tell Food Babe!


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