Ralpher Nader: the law must be free!




I seem to remember height being an important factor in presidential races. You'd think Nader would've done better since he appears to be about 8 feet tall in that picture.


hey, he got my vote


That's because, like Hubert Humphrey, I'm 4 feet tall.


codes and standards are available on my state's web pages. does this mean that every state doesn't publish or does it mean nobody looked?

aside from the money generated by sales of codebooks, what is the incentive for folks like the NFPA to bother improving codes and standards year after year? the work, expert and research time, isn't cheap and new standards have to be written for every new construction method to come down the pike. and "old" standards have to be reviewed updated to incorporate new information, often as the result of unforeseen failures that cause loss of life or property.

if you read one of the codes (in my case, the National Electrical Code) you will find that the entire code is written with one thought in mind - don't let anyone's house or business burn down for lack of enforceable standards.

unless some means to ensure adequate funding for ongoing codes and standards work (something that cannot be ignored or cut "because we can") the present system works just fine. it ain't broke, so don't try fixin' it!


where have i heard that before?

oh yeah


Damn! That rogue archivist guy just isn't looking hard enough! Lift your game, Carl... smile


They should do what Norway has done. Make an official online database that contains all the laws and regulations in an easily searchable format. That way anyone can read and make up their own opinion. I'm not expecting everyone to understand every piece of code, but at least I can double check if my electrician tells me I'm required to have gold plated electric outlets in my apartment.

Another thing is, this really shouldn't be the work of private corporations relying on sales revenue, non profit or not. It's very important public work and it should be publicly funded. Anything else is irresponsible imo, and too vulnerable to being influenced by "donations".


Well, according to Cory's headline that's "Ralpher Nader." Presumably regular Ralph Nader is shorter, and Ralphest Nader is even taller.


I seem to recall Ralph Nader being an important factor in electing George Bush. So what's this - another good idea?


Now and forever more: Fnck Ralph. He worked hard to get George W Bush elected, he enjoyed doing so, he was utterly without introspection afterwards, and he destroyed the Green Party in pursuit of his own personal aggrandizement - not only by tarnishing their reputation, but deliberately and organizationally, most notably by denying the party his list of supporters.

And fnck anyone who voluntarily associates with him. Have interesting ideas about legal reform? Great! Don't cavort with slime to get publicity for them.


There's plenty of other ways you could pay for code writing. Hire the writers directly, paid by taxes. Hire their employees directly so that government officials write the regulations - consulting of course with outside industry experts. There's no economic reason why that should be any more difficult than the way we pay for it now.

And the point about being not broken? If my home is held to a standard (say, if decided to sell it) that I'm not allowed to read without buying it, that is a broken system. No one can ever be justly held to a law, standard, or policy that they aren't allowed to examine without charge.


It's like, how much more Ralph could he be? and the answer is none. None more Ralph.


I wonder if the safety standards for keyboards are open. Your keyboard seems to be randomly remapping the letter "u" to "n" for some reason. Hope there's not an electrical short that'll shock you.

Fuckity fuck fuckaroo. Yup, mine seems fine.


I think that the arguments that the law SHOULD be freely available free of copyright are kind of beside the point. I would argue that the law IS not covered by copyright. At its most basic level laws describe ways of doing things. Now ways of doing stuff is NOT protected by copyright, only by patents. The legal profession is largely based on the idea that the exact wording of laws matters. When you combine these two ideas, statutes fall on the wrong side of the idea/expression divide because it is impossible to identically describe the unprotectable elements from their expression....if you tried to paraphrase the law and express the same thing using different words you have probably changed the meaning. And in that analysis it DOESN'T matter who wrote the law, or even whether a standard is adopted as law. If you can't express exactly the same thing in another way, than that expression is not protected by copyright.


omg i'm so sick of seeing this argument still. first of all: it's wrong. second of all: so you're saying someone in America shouldn't try to run for the highest office to help make this country better for, you know, normal people? because i'm pretty sure we've had enough of the the worthless candidates that come out of the 'pragmatic politics' 2 party system and their complete lack of concern for non-monied citizens.

the very last thing we need is people believing this myth about what happened in 2000 & deciding to avoid 3rd parties.... a 3rd party candidate could fix what actually happened in 2000 (and 2004 in ohio, etc.): a concerted effort to rig the voter rolls & deny access to the polls for those who managed to register.

people of a certain political mind like to opine about how terrible current politicians are, but its unclear (to me) who exactly they're waiting for, since Nader has always been their dream candidate AND is a folk hero to the general public.


I seem to recall Ralph Nader being an important factor in electing George Bush.

It's just not Nader's fault that Gore was unelectable. Blame the DLC. (and if you wish to discuss this further, I suggest replying with a new topic so we don't go off this one)


And I seem to remember Ralph Nader being a legitimate presidential candidate (we can have more than two, can't we?), one who was saying a lot of things that Al Gore, another candidate who was also supposedly on the left, should have been saying as well.

"Nader cost Gore the presidency" is a simplistic (and sometimes diversionary) canard.


Oh no, don't you see? It's Nader's fault that Gore was such a drip, and that Rahm Emanuel turned the party into an unrecognizable, conservative Blue Dog fest. All those Democrats that gave Bush the vote to go to war? Nader again....


Sadly enough.