Random Darknet Shopper: Internet art randomly spends $100/wk of Bitcoin in darknet





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Didn’t darknet mean everything not indexed by the search engines, i.e. internal corporate networks, control pages for admins and such (along with a small fraction of the illicit stuff)? Since the media have gotten a hold of the word it seems to have turned into more sensational “theres a parallel hidden internet that just as big as the one you access and its only for bomb building instructions, mail order narcotics and child porn”.


It’s gonna get interesting when the algorithm chooses child pornography.


In the 90s t used to mean the blocks of IP addresses allocated, often to the military or other early adopters, but never put into use. I think these were used with forged routing info sent to a hacked high level router for bad guys to be online but not easily tracked down by ordinary users.


I wonder what the legal consequences are, both in legal theory and what a prosecutor could get in a real courtroom. (edit)Obviously most of the time a prosecutor will get the conviction if it goes to court in the US unless the defendant were wealthy and could afford a team of lawyers as good as or better than the prosecution always has access to.


Isn’t that just the normal internet?


I now assume darknet to refer to websites only accessible through Tor.


and to arrange the games of D&D in the steam tunnels!!


Except, of course, to my knowledge, Amazon does not sell Ecstasy.


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