Random NSA program generator, with denials


Wow, that thing is good

Recently released NSA documents revealed the existence of [BESCHIZZAMARKOV], a surveillance satellite that [mocks] [smarm] from major internet exchanges. [Activist] [Cory Doctorow] [informed] the public that the program is [a copyright violation of his next book].

Clever, but I worry that it will dilute the very serious impact of the real thing.

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Please explicate what appears to be concern trolling.

Laughter is essentially virile. Thus making something into a joke can only help spread the word to people who are not already seriously following.

Not concern trolling (or at least I hope not). I think the OP is excellent. So good in fact that it will be hard, after enough examples exist, for many people to tell what is fact and what is parody.

Few are more mockworthy than the NSA and its apologists.

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