Randomly generated pixel art potions


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$adjective Potion of $verbing


Instinctively started looking for Waldo…


They’re not $adverbingly $adjective Potions of $verbing?


Surely one should $noun’s $adverbingly $adjective Potions of $verbing?


Professor Snape does not approve.


Pfft. One does not drink potions, one quaffs them. As any fool knows!


It seems increasingly clear that @beschizza is creating and/or acquiring and stockpiling all the ingredients necessary to become the creator deity to countless pixellated RPG conventions; who shall bow and worship him(unless chaotic evil).

Should we be delighted or concerned?


What’s funny is that I’m working on an item description generator right now!



Normally, I’d be ambivalent about the implications of replacing skilled artisans with an increasingly small number of deskilled laborers serving mechanized capital; but when the skilled artisans are essentially a bunch of class-obsessed magic-racists it becomes a lot more tempting.

“So, Snape, want to guess how many doses Dr. Reddy’s will put together for what you charge just to sneer at the class? Or would you prefer blissful ignorance?”


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