Rare fire tornado from a factory blaze is caught on video


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/08/09/rare-fire-tornado-from-a-facto.html



Don’t open the attachment, don’t open the attachment… OMG YOU OPENED THE ATTACHMENT - LOOK WHAT HAPPENED!!!


Wow, that’s a twisted firestarter if I ever saw one…


Why not screenshot the video in the Indy’s story itself, or perhaps the original video from Derbyshire Fire and Rescue?

There’s never, ever an excuse to republish anything from the ****ing Daily Mail.


That is flippin’ fantastic! It looks like some kind of sorcerer’s magic.

Here’s how it works in a very small scale:

I was t trying to find the death metal version of this tumbleweed fire but no luck:


Slightly Braised Sharknado!


i remember the first time one happened at Burning Man, during one of the Temple burns, i think it was. the fires had been getting steadily bigger, and i guess it just reached a point where the conditions were right. the whole crowd just gasped. it was so gorgeous.

nowadays they’ve figured out how to make them happen, i think, because every large burn has several. i love them, especially when they are filled with sparks.


If that’s a toxic plastic sludge on fire, I wouldn’t want to stand anywhere near it and take a video, no matter how cool. Just walk away and get to some clean air.


1000 times this. Damn you for fooling me into clicking that fascist site’s video and giving them a hit.


Right? That canNOT be good for you.


A rarer phenomenon would be a lava tornado such as this one observed at Kilauea this summer.


-Jeremy Clarkson


Click the link and you can see into an awesome fiery portal of Hell and watch the flaming demons dance?
Yeah, that happens on EVERY Daily Mail link. Fool me once…


@Carla_Sinclair What Ministry said. Please note.


What isn’t a 'nado these days!? Sheesh!


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