Raspberry Pi-based computers in classic 8-bit computer cases

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This is a great idea, I want a Sovietberry-Pi!


the prices are reasonable.


I mean, they’re under $1000, sure.

The ZX spectrum sold for £99 back in the day. Take its hollow shell, wire in a Pi, and it’s $300? I get it - they’re handmade - but that’s still a nice chunk of change.


At the risk of concern trolling, does this fun afoul of trademark law?

Ah, the good ol’ ZX-81. I taught myself to program in BASIC on one when I was thirteen. They can replace the internals with whatever they like, I guarantee you will love that keyboard with a passion called Hate.

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No, because the vendor uses real old computers rather than reproduction cases. The blurb for the Pi in a Spectrum says:

I repair and refurbish a lot of classic 1980’s computers, but every now and then, I get ones that cannot be repaired. This is a way of giving them a new life. I only make these from dead computers, no working Spectrum’s were harmed in the making of these keyboards!


I bet it contravenes the EULA for the original computers. Fortunately, the only manufacturer that isn’t defunct is Texas Instruments, and what sort of monster would want a Pi in one of those?

Gotta love that JCUKEN keyboard!

What’s with the two down arrows though?

Cost of the Pi, psu, cables, old machine, plus several hours work…

It is ok for people to charge for their time isn’t it?

no idea, this was also asked in the original thread with the CCCP computers but no one was able to answer it

Believe it or not, I don’t think there was any EULA for the software on the ZX Spectrum (and I’d guess that the same is likely true for the C64). It came with manuals containing a copyright statement, but no actual license. Software licenses only really started to come in during the 80s, and the home and hobbyist market of the time didn’t really bother with them (I was doing some digging for a talk I did a couple of weeks ago, so this is fresh in my mind)


Why with this idea they’ll run these other fellows out of business for sure!

Especially if they’re actually making a product and not just vaporware…

Does the tape deck still work on the +2 one?

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