Read: "Communist Party": the first chapter of Walkaway

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Pre-ordered today. I can’t wait for this one to come out.

I canceled my Kindle preorder after reading the post about Cory’s Shut Up And Take My Money website. Waiting for more details.

Thank you both!

This seems like exactly the kind of book that should entice me: techno-utopian, with a protagonist very similar to myself, from an author whose previous works I’ve enjoyed.

It’s just… I don’t know. I got a bad vibe from the initial synopsis, and now, reading this first chapter… I just have no urge to read Chapter Two. I can generally overlook the little things that would otherwise bother me in a good story, but, and I don’t know if I’m noticing just because I’m not invested enough to overlook them, there are a lot of little things already (to pick the most obvious: either Hubert Etc. is lying to his friend about how much money he has, or the purchasing power of a few million dollars is both in a very small, specific range — where it would be enough to be a meaningful contribution to the Communist party , but not enough to buy two beers — and being needlessly obfuscated).

I think I’ll borrow a library copy, but this one (unlike, say, Vallista when it comes out) will have to earn its place onto my bookshelf.

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