Real sign language interpreter translates fake one


During the broadcast, South African signers were tweeting outrage that he wasn’t actually signing anything useful. If it wasn’t ASL, and it wasn’t the South African version, why would he use it?

My conspiracy theory is that he’s someone’s brother or cousin, and no one has bothered to check his bonafides. Either that or he really is hearing voices that impact him more than the person he’s signing for, and should receive medical treatment


Sounds like a reasonable description of the Secret Service to me :smiley:


From here:

A “fake” sign language interpreter who claimed to suffer an on-stage schizophrenic episode during Nelson Mandela’s memorial service failed to communicate a single word of a speech made by South African President Jacob Zuma more than a year ago.

So he apparently has done this before.

According to Jantjie, he was paid a $85 day rate for appearing at the Mandela memorial.

On Thursday, South African government minister Hendrietta Bogopane-Zulu pointed out that most qualified sign language interpreters charge $125 to $165 per hour and speculated that a junior official might have opted for the cheapest quote.


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