Public Enemy's sign-language interpreter is AMAZING


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Is more than 4 or 5 seconds of her in action available somewhere?


Also Snoop Dogg’s sign-language interpreter. Same idea. Same funky. Same awesome gig for an interpreter.

Interpreters on Kimmel a while back:


This girl went viral some years ago for her signing at a concert. I see that she’s gone on to do signing for other well known artists, here’s the most recent video i see with her and it’s a feature with Vox discussing her signing.


Don’t read the comments, he said, linking to the comments.


I can’t be too sure, beecause it was 10+ years ago, but I think one of them signed for the Pixies when they headlined ACLFest. Truly amazing to watch.


Much to my delight and surprise, there are a ton of ASL rap videos on Youtube.


Yep, thanks, I was just hoping for more of this one, since she’s supposedly “AMAZING.”


Our innate inability to not stare at train wreaks. Also top voted comments aren’t ever that bad in a general sub.


I read the comments (well the first 100 anyway) and was generally impressed by the level of respect shown.


I wanna party with that chick.


did somebody say i was reading these comments? thats fake:)


Many ASL interpreters are amazing. The one at my daughter’s 8th grade graduation ceremony was great. She emoted waay more than the dull administrators giving the speeches.


I am not deaf enough to need Beslan (the British equivalent of ASL) but I believe the emoting is part of the language.


I finally got around to watching all of the Vox video i linked to earlier, i had only watch a small portion due to being at work :stuck_out_tongue: But i highly recommend it, it’s really cool and shows the incredible performance required from ASL translators at concerts. They’re just as much artists as the singers are. Also the fact that this kind of signing is a recent development really blows my mind. Maybe @doctorow should give that video a shoutout :slight_smile:


One of those ladies looks a fair bit like the one in the Public Enemy vid. Same one?


Holly Maniatty one and the same.


Did you say Holy Manatee?


This makes me happy, though all I’ve seen is she interpreting Chuck D, which is perfect. But I wonder: how does she augment her performance for Flava?