Watch Kelly Kurdi sign "Baby Got Back"

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Fantastic enthusiastic signing.


During the pandemic, I used to watch the daily press conferences from our Governor and he had 1 main ASL and one backup daily. I became slightly fascinated with the process. I always thought it was simply hand-language, if you will, and was really surprised to find out there’s a LOT more to it. You can see she’s involving her bodyand face in the translation. I actually wrote to the translator for our state and he gave me a lovely explanation of the process.

I think my personal favorite was another legend Holly Maniatty doing Rap God, as seen here: Rap God in sign language at the 2018 Firefly Music Festival - YouTube


That “Rap God” ASL performance is stunning.


ASL Music Camp sounds fun AF!

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Wow. She’s really, really fast. Just imagine if the background choir and all those extras in music videos were doing ASL choreography instead of the usual stuff.

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her interpretation of the record scratching is pretty fun

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