Realtor claims Uber and Lyft erode the premium homebuyers pay for good public transit links


Sure, but some people only look at these kind of hard, monetary numbers.


Finally! An appropriate place to link this:


It would be interesting to see a report on non-luxury property.

At least for the cases I’ve used them, Lyft is modestly cheaper(but mostly vastly more convenient/responsive when I discover I’m running late on short notice; which has salvaged my morning on several occasions when I miss my bus); but using them vs. public transit would substantially bloat my cost of commuting; and I’d need to see reasonably substantial savings to stay even.

It would also be interesting to know if the availability of these services actually increases the value of housing with mediocre/the limited transit service. In my own case, the public transit is fine for commuting; but if I wanted to stay out late or travel to destinations that the transit network doesn’t reach I’d be SOL; but I have the option of using public transit for my commute and one of the totally-not-taxis for stuff outside of supported hours or which doesn’t have a full point-to-point transit option.


For a long-term commitment like buying a home, I would want to make sure I could handle the transportation cost after ride services are no longer VC-subsidized.



Yep, found the false equivalence.

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