Comprehensive roundup of articles about Uber's awfulness


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I drove for them. I know how awful they are.


And guess what: Lyft is awful too!

Lyft is the only viable alternative in San Diego, sadly so I may add.


Since most drivers drive for both, I routinely ask them about their preferences. The results are nearly uniform that you get more business from Uber but Lyft treats you better.

As long as that’s true, I’ll ride with Lyft. At least until Juno comes to town.



I never liked their name.


“Lyft is the only viable alternative in San Diego, sadly so I may add.”

There’s no traditional taxi service?


They are 2 - 3 times more expensive, math applied will often decide such issues.


It’s a for-profit corporation, isn’t it?

That’s kind of a given, these days…


Roger That!


and did cab companies ever really treat their employees well? i think because uber/lift are modern tech-based companies that are in the public eye as well as being silicon valley startups, the curtain is back to see the nasty side of 1) ride providing services and 2) young aggressive tech startups. this isnt meant to be a blanket statement for either, but the predominant truth for both is aggressive corporate types up top, subordinant hardworking sometimes taken advantage of employees below


I’ve been taking Uber to/from the airport when I travel for work. It’s usually under $100 RT. Parking for my trips is $130-$180. This cheap and shitty car service I was using was $150 RT, about the same as a cab. As an added benefit I save my car some miles and it’s there in the driveway as a backup for my wife. I suppose I should feel bad for using Uber now.


Yeah, I drove cabs in San Francisco in 2002-3, and I neted a bit over $10/h before taxes, for a 10 hour shift. Lyft is a normal corporation, Uber is a long trail of awful. Don’t romanticize the taxi biz, it’s a mess too. It will be a good thing when autonomous cars get the drivers out of the business.


Both Uber and Lyft left Austin after they failed to get their referendum passed. It was outright extortion and the voters refused to play along. Three other taxi alternatives stepped up, and one of them is a non-profit co-op. Austin now has more competition and better choices without that duopoly controlling everything.


They are both evil, but Lyft is less evil for now.


My sentiments, exactly.


j/k I’m looking forward to self driving cars myself.


I’ve taken Uber rides twice when I was in SF a couple of months ago for the day and in both cases my drivers were lovely. The thing that really pissed me off what that the Uber app didn’t give me any way to tip the driver (which apparently Lyft does).


It sure does, along with a 5 star rating system.


There is only one good answer.
Public Transportation!


Uber does the 5 star thing as well. I was rather dismayed I couldn’t leave a tip though especially since I wasn’t carrying any small bills at the time.

I just figured surely there had to be a way so I asked my driver that took me back to the airport about it and she said Uber didn’t but Lyft did. At that point I had a couple of fivers and I could tip her.

I still feel bad for not being able to tip the nice man that picked me up from the airport and sat in traffic for over an hour to get me across the bridge into Oakland. It was my first time ever using Uber and I made a bad assumption about their platform.

Uber says that they don’t require tipping and that it’s built into the fare but I know these people work hard and are treated like shit and would appreciate a little something extra.