Uber driver snaps after taking crap from spoiled brat


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"“I get paid to drive, not to eat spoiled rich brats shit.”

Wait, that’s not Uber’s business model?


7th level of hell definition right there.


Yes, the driver loses it and calls her a “bitch” and a “cunt,” but it’s easy to see how someone can “snap,”

I’m afraid you will find that is not the standard around these parts.


I didn’t know Zach Galifianakis was having financial problems. Props to him for moonlighting.


Uber needs an ‘Have been drinking’ checkbox for passengers.


This man is doing God’s work.


What would you consider the appropriate response in this situation?


Nah, I’m ok with it. That’s what people do when they get angry.

It’s just that in the linked thread I was arguing that a man who called Kellyan Conway ugly should not be automatically labeled a misogynist. And it was explained to me in great detail that no amount of righteous anger can ever excuse such a blatantly sexist act.


That must have stung - you’re still complaining about it.


I’m sure he lost the right to drive for Uber now



“…Her strong bitchy Valley Girl accent…”

Can we just not, please?


yes, seems a bit misogynist to me?


Just a touch. Also, reductivist, classist and kind of facile. So I guess we are going for some kind of quadrafecta?


Gosh… Uh… I am outraged!

There. Was that what you were hoping for the audience of this post?


I see no winners here.

To the woman: You’re cold? It’s Chicago. Dress for the weather.
You want to go home? There are dozens of taxi companies and thousands of cabs in Chicago. The CTA runs around the clock and can get you within walking distance at any hour, being IMHO one of the U.S.'s most underappreciated public transportation systems. Well, unless you live in Skokie or Gary, Indiana.

To the driver: I was on your side until you started using sexist insults. She was an asshole. Plain and simple. Women or men, anybody can be an asshole.



Is the chamber not echoing enough for your taste?


No, the other way thing. Too echoey, yah. I keep hearing the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over…


Man i could never drive for a rideshare. I can’t deal with assholes.