Recreation of the "PIN cracking" program from Terminator 2

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I was around Edward Furlongs age when terminator 2 came out and really into computers. So of course that was the coolest scene in a movie, ever.





Borland’s Turbo Pascal evolved into Borland Delphi, now Embarcadero Delphi.

Just yesterday I needed to change a program (just under 1M lines of code) developed in Delphi 7 (released 2002)
You get that running on Windows 10!


I haven’t written Turbo Pascal in about 25 years, but do you ever really forget?

One can certainly forget the editor key bindings, which I discovered when I recently fired up TP 3.0 in DOSBox for old times sake. :flushed: (The earlier versions of TP weren’t equipped with that VERY useful menu bar.)

When the Portfolio hit the streets, I became infatuated with the idea of a pocket-sized real PC. After seeing it in use, if only as a prop, in what became my all-time favorite film, I decided that one day Real Soon Now I would own one. I even filled a (paper) notebook with ideas for a small BASIC compiler/IDE suitable for on-the-go use in such a pint-sized environment.

At it turns out, I never have owned a Portfolio. That notebook, if it still exists, is yellowing away in a storage box somewhere. Although I have owned several much more powerful portables over the years, including an even smaller HP 95LX (a neat toy, except for those HP chiclet keys), the Portfolio has always had a much higher coolness factor in my eyes.

Hmm, I came here to say that, as the sort of child who owned a 95LX, I sneered at John Connor’s K-Mart-looking Portfolio. Although it did make me want a mag stripe reader.

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You can buy this one on Ebay with the T2 program pre-loaded.

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The real crime here was his accomplice’s mullet.

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