Reddit AMA: "I am Pentagon Papers leaker Daniel Ellsberg. Edward Snowden is my hero."


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Reddit is infested with a lot of groupvoting sockpuppets from the U.S. government/military/intelligence and fox news drones similar to these guys. I expect a lot of contentious counter-posts with an inordinate amount of astroturf upvotes that will counter a lot of the organic support from people not cheating the system.

I just hope so many real people flood into there that it helps to quell that somewhat, but I’m not optimistic.

More info:

EDIT: Yep, they’re already in there saying that Ellsberg is “wrong” and that Snowden should naively come back to the USA right now because the government will treat him fine since he’s a civilian and the “U.S. does not torture”. Basically parroting the talking points of Erik Holder (attorney general).


Woo… hi cow!

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Wow, there’s quite a large amount of “redditors” that suddenly hate whistleblowers at reddit.

22,561 upvotes and 20,019 downvotes. Why would there be so many downvotes just for an AMA by a guy who’s in the American history books as a hero whistleblower that helped to do his part to end an illegal war in Vietnam?

Someone sure doesn’t want his AMA to be on the front page of reddit, that’s for sure. You’d think even people that don’t entirely agree with Snowden would at least be interested in what Ellsberg has to say about him and wouldn’t want to bury Ellsberg off the reddit homepage.


Then again, this is the same country full of idiots that voted in huge numbers for GW Bush… twice.

Reddit should just stick it up there for a week as punishment for gaming their system.


That would be incredible.

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