Reddit's Head of Community quits


ahhh but we don’t know that she’s left the tech industry, just that she’s left reddit.



Perfectly cogent point. And not all data that looks like evidence turns out to be evidence. But we are getting into occams razor territory here.

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This was re: “subsidizing white supremacist subreddits on principle” – the difference is that internet at large isn’t literally doing that: it isn’t providing the hosting, the software, the tools, and ready access to an established and integrated social network of other communities free of charge.

Another way of putting it: I’m OK with Stormfront having a right to operate servers and am OK with ISPs, a public utility, being mandated to allow access to them over the web. But I don’t think Reddit gets to publish white supremacists by choice on its own website and claim that its subsidizing of them is a similar thing.

It’s not. The Reddit Situation is more likely just infighting over the short term goal of unrestricted growth vs. its long-term credibility to advertisers, and the various ideological mutterings trotted out to justify each position.

In the meantime, every dollar an advertiser gives to Reddit goes, in part, to the operating costs of Coontown.

(Indeed, with the supernaturally clueless proposed new rules, Coontown gets to be ad-free.)



When there are so few women there in the first place its notable and newsworthy when four leave at once.

I don’t understand your argument that its not…

If four African Americans or four LGBTQ persons left one after the other we’d also ask the same question.



Is that it has to do with X, where a great many other people feel (or guess) that…

is notable. Isn’t that (one of) the purpose(s) of forums such as BB?



Isn’t that what I said?

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Do you get cash every time you write an incorrect headline about a much more popular site?



But it is relevant, even if you disagree with the narrative.



Do you “not see gender”?



Yep, and well said for that matter. But our mutual friend @lakelady made a guess, and then wanted to knock others (“more dramatic and headline grabbing”) for making their own guess on the same topic.

No. Because misandry in an entirely male-dominated field is not a likely or even reasonable issue.



The disappointed list isn’t the “sexist asshole” list. those people get on the one you maintain.



What part of it is incorrect? Were they not head of the community, or did they not quit?

Also, do you get paid every time you leap to the defense of reddit, and is it extra when what you’re saying isn’t true?



I hear your point, but disagree to where culpability lies. Cisco, ISPs, backbone providers, etc get their money regardless of if it’s used by Reddit, Morgan Stanley, Comcast, the Hacking Team, or the Chinese Firewall. Cloudflare, which provides CDN for a whole lotta sites, is pretty complicit in hosting hate and hacker sites too.

We’ve provided the tools to supremacists already, and they’re using them. The article from last week about younger racists using Snapchat groups instead of Stormfront proves this out - there’s a bigger issue than just Reddit out there.



Do you “not see” the benefits of making a complete enough argument that I know what it is I’m being accused of?



It’s a question, feel free to not answer.

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And regarding general purpose PCs, open source software, or other tools that can be used for freedom, who cares?

We don’t have to host their sites for them, though.

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Other than just saying “is too” are you going to expand on that? I say it isn’t relevant, and you say it is.

I say it isn’t relevant because unless there is a suggestion that the company is toxic to women, or that they were ‘encouraged’ to leave in some way, making a connection to their gender is making it about something it isn’t.

Your turn.

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So if all the Canadians suddenly left a large company that was part of an industry that has a history of being anti-maple syrup, and they all left in a short period of time, all with perfectly valid “personal” reasons, you wouldn’t raise an eyebrow? Their “Candian-ness” would be completely disregarded and un-noteworthy in your eyes?



We are discussing here about how cultural toxicity plays a part, if you’re trying to convince someone who states that toxic culture has subtler implications “NO U” is a pretty sloppy way of reacting to these beliefs.



“all the Canadians”? Were these four were “all the women” then?