Reddit's new content policy goes into effect, many horrible subreddits banned or quarantined


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Also working on Chrome on Lollipop 5.0




If that’s an exhaustive list then I’m surprised they’ve banned so few subreddits.


And haha, you racist sexist assholes got the Asian woman who was protecting you fired because you thought she was The Enemy. Own goal!


That’s a decent start. Now they just have to get rid of the other 99% of the vileness that is Reddit.


I’d be curious to see how much of the hate is directed at Ellen Pao, whose only mistake was going to work for Reddit in the first place, even though they’re still celebrating over getting her fired (or so they think).

But then I’d have to register for those subreddits, so… nah.


I have a hard time celebrating this. They’re saying they have no problem with racism or harassment or child porn, it’s just costing them too much money and time to deal with, and making it hard to recruit/retain employees.


“The Redditors who frequent affected forums like “Kike Town” and “Watch Niggers Die” are predictably upset.”

How DARE they be unfairly harassed!


It’s the brogrammer way, but I am hopeful that companies are realizing that it’s tough to monetize forums filled with racists and revenge/child pornographers. I hope more sites add paid mods or remove comments sections they currently leave to vileness.


…and this is why they made Usenet.


Wanting logical rational discussion on the internet… This is probably why Moot hardly monetized 4Chan.


I think it’s most telling that not only did they choose not to explicitly ban hate speech, but that they took a look at r/KikeTown and decided not to remove it from the site.


For some reason the anti-Reddit hatefest reminds me that Violentacrez discovered Reddit through BoingBoing…




(But don’t enjoy the use of Arial in this image.)

At the end of the day though, this is why companies are starting to care about online harassment: It hurts the bottom line. Google is going to have a hard time convincing people they want to leave comments on YouTube using their real name and Google+ account if anything you say that is remotely controversial is going to get you doxxed. Assholes are running around and decrying the domination of so-called SJWs of the Internet, when in reality, they decided to shit where they ate and are upset that businesses want to clean up the place to attract more customers. The idea that anyone worships at the Church of “Political Correctness” when the Church of the Almighty Dollar is going strong is laughable.


enjoying Reddit for what it is: the best place online to have truly authentic conversations

HAHAHAHA. But seriously, 1) what is the difference between “authentic” and “truly authentic”, and 2) how can you have the best authentic conversation when the interlocutors are anonymous and can therefore antagonize and insult others at will, which they do all the time?


Ultimately the only way to deal with these people is to ensure that there are negative consequences. It is possible that more progress was made in gay rights due to the spending power of gay people than appeals to civil liberties.
Think of it like this: if a supermarket allows a crazy guy to stand in the entrance shouting about n*rs and kes, what effect will it have on their trade? Even if the manager is himself a member of the KKK, he’s going to get the crazy guy moved on pretty quick. And perhaps he might even wonder “Am I a bit like that crazy guy”, and so we have progress.