What went wrong at Reddit?

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But seriously. I like her discussion of how moderators on reddit are essentially unpaid labor (who, presumably, are in part revenue generating for the owners/board) that do not have to tools to effectively “take out the garbage” as it were… or in the case of some sub-reddits, don’t want to, or at the very least don’t see it as “garbage”.


What forms of cattle will you pay in?

I’m listening to Michael Krasny of KQED lead a discussion about it, right now.

He’s been calling Ellen Pao “Elaine”, for over half an hour, and nobody has corrected him…



Well, duh… you don’t correct men when they are talking about women… /s

All joking aside, that’s irritating, to say the least… and frankly just kind of shitty on his part.

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Sorry. I just love that gif so much for dongs and women getting mansplained.


It is a pretty effective explanation of the whole thing, isn’t it?


A lot of the KQED show show I just heard that @Shirley_LeGitte and @Mindysan33 mentioned was about Reddit making a profit. What if it wasn’t about making a profit? What if there was no corporate sponsors who wanted it to be cleaner?

On radio, that is broadcast over the public airwaves, there ARE regulations. That the US government put into place via the FCC. The radio stations follow those rules or get penalized.
That is why people don’t swear on FORUM.

However, the radio stations that use violent rhetoric and use racist and sexist talk CAN still broadcast because the government (as a representative of the public’s will) didn’t decide to speak up on that topic like they did on profanity and obscenity.

Thus Rush Limbaugh was birthed into a world where he spoke to people who agreed with him on sexism and bigotry but since he didn’t swear he was not touched by the FCC.

Because the people who didn’t listen didn’t care, and the people who did listen agreed, the sexist, violent rhetoric and bigotry went on.

Back in 2006 I decided to inform the advertisers of what they were sponsoring on Right Wing radio. I alerted them to the speech they were paying for. I didn’t threaten them with a boycott I just said, “Listen to this. Do your corporate value statements support this? Does this fit your brand? If not you might want to leave.” Many major advertisers left the program. They decided to stop sponsoring RW radio at KSFO.

The station decided to shut down my website with a bogus copyright violation claim instead of telling the hosts to clean up their act, or just accept the loss of revenue.

With the help of the EFF I showed I was not violating their copyright and they (ABC radio and Disney dropped the suit) KQED decided to accept the loss of revenue.
I then taught this technique to groups to use on Michael Savage, Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh. RW radio has lost 100’s of millions of dollars in ad revenue since that time because RW radio hosts did not want to change.

The program distributors are still getting revenue, but not at the level they did in the past. Some advertisers WILL support sexism. Some don’t have corporate policies against supporting sexism, bigotry and violent rhetoric, others don’t.

Radio hosts now get support from RW groups like the heritage foundation. The lost of advertising from customer facing advertisers is a cost they were willing to pay.

If Reddit wants to make big money they need to accept that an advertising supported business model comes with limitations, the values of the advertisers. What are THEY willing to support?

If they want to be community sponsored only, then they can ask for donations, and Reddit gold to stay afloat.