Reddit's Warrant Canary just died

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It’s not dead, it’s just…


why am I unsurprised that it would happen to reddit?


How about “Yes, we are going to to tell people about your stupid so-called “security letter”, and if you have a problem with that, we will pre-emptively attack you, right now, for fucking with us. You don’t legitimately represent anybodys interests, so fuck off and die.”


Wikipedia mentions both Apple and Reddit now.


So, honest question here. Has anyone actually taken a national security letter gag order to the supreme court on first amendment grounds yet?


Pinterest has one!?!

Oh, wait. I got them confused with Etsy.

(Hmm. Why isn’t BB in the list?)


Time Period Number of Requests
July 2015 - December 2015 0-249
January 2015 - June 2015 0-249

Perhaps pininterest would be a useful means of exfiltrating information, but maybe I’ve been listening to Hollywood for too long.


OK, but, shouldn’t they be posting the canary report every day? then we would know when they were served beyond “sometime in the last year” and could maybe even narrow down what the warrant was for?


Maybe they’re preparing for Hitlery’s inevitable rise to power.

She could be planning to take her mandate to fight terrorism seriously, as well as protect people’s rights…

So she can just cross-reference a list of people sending threats of rape and death across the internet to journalists and private citizens with dangerous Trumpian insurrectionists and extreme right-wing fascist groups with names like the MRA and /r/drama.

Clearly a terrorist cell of the home grown variety. An insidious threat.

Press charges. Deal a horrific blow to rape culture. Make our cities safer for all of us, but especially women and children, and protect us from people using tactics of fear and intimidation via terroristic threats to sway politics.

You know… All that rhetoric about enforcing the laws we have and gun control being about keeping criminals from having guns. Terrorists being our top priority.

Well… Yeah. Maybe so.

Maybe so.

Have a gun? Talk about a violent overthrow or interference with an election? Send threats or speak about hurting a political figure? Send rape and death threats to people?

You’re a terrorist.

I demand we prosecute domestic terrorists!!!

I know… Sounds like a fantasy…

A bunch of angry rednecks secretly planning a revolution on Reddit. Talking about shooting up the RNC. Led by a guy who attempted to incite a populist revolt in 2012 when Obama was re-elected.

History is written by the winners… Fuckers.

Ask Anonymous how getting political has gone. Thank God they proxied up… Know what I’m sayin?

No. No the Yall’Queda don’t…

Hey… How many Trump supporters can you stuff in a solitary confinement cell?

All of them! It just takes a while…


Hmm… must be the result of r/Bronies4ISIS. Oh, wait… much like a compelling reason for a democratic government to issue a gag order that never existed.

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Sometimes I am shocked to find out when some subreddits don’t exist.


I just figured boingboing was the most efficient way to send my letters to the NSA.


I used to put those at the bottom of my emails along with a load of keywords.


I used to do that too but then this convinced me it wasn’t that useful a technique.

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I just realized that BoingBoing doesn’t have a canary warning…


I just figured anywhere online would do :smiley:

aren’t all suspect by default as we are a bunch of marxists?


There have been more than enough reasons over the years for all of us who associate ourselves with boingboing to be on various government watchlists. It’s practically a point of pride.

p.s. I didn't make the gif, I know how to spell

The thing is even when people here are extreme, they’re really not very extreme compared to what else is out there (i.e. on reddit). It’s also not a place where people really talk about politics in the normal way, that is, where nobody except those who already agree with you listen or read. There’s just a baseline level of assumed socialism here that largely goes unsaid, even though the full conservative/liberal spectrum is actually represented among the commentariat (more or less), and that is probably scary to many in power.


Uh. But they’re Canadian?