☭ Sup Marxists? ☭


Oh, this is precious.

For background, Mr. Big Profiteer Man is a Pickup/PUA/MRA type with a pretty visible internet track record, who thought it would be a good time to share his hatred of feminism in a thread about a feminist getting death threats. He then went on to be loud and proud of his ability to make money selling tasteless t-shirts and hawking his wears to the hate group in question, which is what spurred him adopting this POWER STANCE.

I love love love the totally random dig at (cc) and copyleft and open source, in light of our humble 'Nanner calling him out on what appears to be a ripoff of this deadspin graphic for his gamergate t-shirt.

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:warning: :dragon_face: Sexism/Racism/Otherism Among Marginalized Groups :dragon_face: :warning:
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Well… that’s… interesting…

Of course, does he even know what Marxism is?

And our theme song!


Looking at his facebook profile I see he’s a fake anarchist too. I’m not surprised he thinks we’re all marxists.

Maybe we should have a BoingBoing vanguard party?


I love the word “Marxist”. It is probably the most useful Shibboleth for people with whom I will never find any common ground.


:game_die: Would You LIKE to Play a Game? :video_game:

How do you mean? By people who use the term just to malign others, or those who embrace the term?

I dunno… I don’t think people have to like Marxist thought, I just kind of sick of people throwing the term around with little thought to it other than - people I don’t like, ya know.

Emma Goldman is turning over in her grave with that lot.


Is there a Groucho Marxist doctrine in the hizzouse?


It is one’s right to speak anti-woman or anti-race or anti-sexuality or anti-gender. Is it repugnant?


It is one’s right to speak anti-woman or anti-race or anti-sexuality or anti-gender.

Yes. But we don’t have to respect you for it.

anti-sexuality” - wait, what?


That is what I was thinking…
He’s right – I am a Marxist:


People who use it to malign others and especially those who think that it will score points even with the addressee. If someone denounces a position of mine as Marxist, then I may agree or not, but they will never see me desparate to dispel that.


Ah, so you’re a Trotskyite.


Have you ever met a militant asexual?


Yeah, I think that probably goes back to people not actually being familiar with Marx’s work… They just associate it with the Cold War and the Soviet Union, who were “bad guys”. It’s hard to have a productive discussion if people won’t hear you out and just throw scare words at you.

It’s sad really, because there is nothing inherently wrong with thinking in those terms, because they do give you a strong critical framework for thinking about the world (with some serious caveats), even if the lived reality of communism was an oppressive failure in most cases…


That’s even worse!!!


I need about 35 gallons of coffee before that screed makes any sense at all. And that would kill me. Probably a fair trade.


That def needs to be part of the scary phrases magnetic poetry.

Scary phrases magnetic poetry set

ABDada is not asexual – he has dated several feminists in a serious fashion.

Not too sure what is meant by that, but I like to imagine that it literally involves serious fashion


Go add it!


Your wish is my command, Feminist Overlord #33.


I’m not sure what’s wrong with me, but I kind of like that last suit on the right side. :-/