Online anti-harassment task force launched

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muslims:gamers::muslim terrorists:gamergaters

gamergate as a movement is extreme, misguided, self-deceiving, paranoid and violence-embracing. Sure, there are members who think they’re genuinely doing the right this for “ethics in journalism” but there are also terrorists who actually feel they are freedom fighters. Their victims disagree. And to the arguments of "#notallgamergaters, let’s extend the analogy…if all you do is write an article about the failings of western democracy, but you sign it #AlQaeda4eva, you’ve done yourself a disservice.

If it’s about group belonging, why not claim allegiance to the superset, rather than the extreme subset?


Group-belonging. Quite a strong feeling.

No, it is about group-belonging. The group found itself with existence but without a strong cause, and so attempted to come up with “underlying” reasons, without much success. That explains these discrepations but does not negate its existence.

Not so easy to leave a group. Any group. Double so when you are not already a member of other group that could provide you with the in-group feeling. The same underlying psychology works for terorist groups, religious cults, soccer hooligans, knitting circle, and pretty much everything else. There is a reason why excommunication tends to be an effective threat for millenia or more.

Your advice is strongly felt, highly emotional, and as highly unlikely to work.

Your advice is strongly felt, highly emotional, and as highly unlikely to work.

Hahahahahahahahaha. How predictable. Of course I am the emotional one! Of course! Totally. I’m emotional. What other sexist tropes are you going to sling at me? eye roll

No, it is about group-belonging.

^^^^^ THIS IS AN ARGUMENT BASED ON EMOTION. Christ. You can’t even avoid being a hypocrite in this argument. You’re not worth my time. I give no shits what you think of me.

And I note you still have yet to prove that gamergate is NOT a bigoted, misogynistic hate group, and yet I am the emotional one? OTAY THERE BUDDY, SURE THING.

Oh … someone defending sexist bigots using sexist tropes? Never seen that happen before!

Fuck, you people are predictable as hell.

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Mod note: Stay on topic.

Gamergate is on topic? Not sure if you’re talking to me? Don’t wanna anger Falcor!

We have a thread topic that discussed it here
I could create a Topic relates to the mess that was GamerGate; but then again, this might as well serve as one, since it addressed what the GameGaters were fighting against.

Online-harassment and Gamergate are connected. It’s on-topic. Gamergate is all about harassing women online (and sometimes in meatspace, too).

since it addressed what the GameGaters were fighting against.

And this is rich. GamerGaters aren’t fighting against anything concrete. It’s all made up in their sexist brains.


not to mention the direct catalyst for the creation of the online tool in question.


I don’t even know exactly what GamerGate is (and I don’t want to know, I can’t handle it personally right now, it’s too much), but I just want to say that while it’s great that tools are being created and presented for women who face harassment, it’s sad that its’ in such high demand, especially related to gaming.

I’m a big time gamer, and a woman, and right now I just want to distance myself from the whole gaming community. I just feel overwhelmed and sad and embarrassed that such harassment is so prelevant. I’ve experienced it myself, too. I know probably most of the gaming community are great people, but all this is a case of a drop of poison ruining the whole well. I’m gonna withdraw to my single-player games and only play online with my brother and sister.


Yup. Exactly. It’s 100% on-topic.

Yeah, no.

But don’t let me stop your Cultural Revolution.

(Even if I can dance about it, it’s not my revolution.)

Anybody who says “you’re either with us, or against us” – I’m against them.

That would be an apt analogy if GamerGate was operating as a “we hate women!” organization. But it is not. It is publicly operating as “we’re for a bunch of vague stuff like gamers and games and games journalism that is not ethically challenged and advertisers something something”… so people join up because “yeah, I’m in favor of games and ethics woo!” without having the benefit of your kind and gentle exegesis.

And you’re utterly delusional if you think it hasn’t grown from there, and people are unaware of its origins.

But, hey! You are aware that it has grown and changed. Woo!

Talk about delusional denials.

Especially since he even pointed the timeframe of the email that launched it.

Both delusional and exhibiting poor (or deliberate) reading comprehension.

…I just realized that your posts reeks of troll bait.

All it seems to do is to invoke strong emotions to the reader in hopes to justify themselves. Hate to say this, but what you posed were pretty much the same toxic babble that infested the countless message boards.

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Gamer gate was created specifically to harass one woman. There is no other reason it exists.

But, hey! You are aware that it has grown and changed. Woo!

Yup. To harass more women, not just Quinn.

I note that no one has provided evidence otherwise!

We’ve discussed this before. Gamergate is about NOTHING else but the harassment of women. Even you can’t clearly state what else it’s about.

I can’t believe we’re STILL arguing about this shit. GAMERGATE IS NOT ABOUT ETHICS IN GAMING JOURNALISM. It never ever ever ever was. That has been proven over and over again.

Why are people defending this bullshit movement? For what purpose? I don’t get it.


So calling things as it is is emotional now? Okay.

Don’t want to be called a bigot? Don’t associate yourself with bigots.

Doesn’t mean that people within it don’t think it’s about something else. Doesn’t mean they are right, but YELLING LOUDER ISN’T GOING TO CONVINCE THEM OTHERWISE.

It has not been proven over and over again to those within it who think it is about ethics or something else.

We have first-hand testimony from an escapee, and given the reception you’re giving him, I can see why more people would want to stay inside and never leave the compound.

Do you honestly think that our comments are widely read outside of BoingBoing?

Why are people* conflating explanations of internal beliefs with apologias? Just because Ted Koppel can explain what ISIS is fighting for does not mean he believes they are right.

[Is Ted Koppel still a thing? I’m dating myself. Is Gene Shallit still doing crappy reviews? How about Avery Schrieber fronting for Doritos?]

* you

Don’t want to be called a troll?

Don’t troll with toxic babble.

Learn to type like a human being. DROP THE ALL CAPS. Stop spitting bile. Stop biting everybody within range. Stop accusing everybody who isn’t you of being some sort of radical. Accept that there are shades of mistakes, and that not everybody has your privilege of viewpoint.


Yeah, that’s right.


I called you priviledged.


Can you step outside of that box for a minute and listen to other, fallible, human beings?


Get off your high horse. And stop defending such blatantly terrible people who have literally sent bomb threats to women.

And stop dong the #NotAllGamerGaters thing. It’s bullshit. It’s not an argument.

I’m not the only one who feels this way:

I can’t believe we’re still arguing about this shit!

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I HONESTLY can’t believe I just got #NotAllGamergaters-ed.

So much bullshit.

Insular groups can make up their own external enemies, they don’t need real ones to radicalize people. Like you say, this is the tactic of cults, but most cults don’t have real enemies because no one has heard of them.

But as I’ve said before, lectures on how to convince people to do things from someone who is clearly not convincing the person they are lecturing with of anything are a little hollow. If you know how people behave and what motivates them and how to get things done, then demonstrate it by showing that you have a trick up your sleeve other than aloofness and actually convince someone.

If you want to talk reality, here is reality: We aren’t going to save everyone. How much empathy and compassion are we going to put into getting a couple of people on twitter to stop tweeting #gamergate (while getting threats from the rest the entire time) when if there’s any hope for them they’ll probably grow up and stop doing it in a year or two anyway? The strategy you are suggesting - actually reaching out to people, being moderate, offering people an ear is work. I know because I’m the person who actually does it on these boards.

But somehow @marilove has never yelled at me for apologizing for or supporting #gamergate. That’s because actually reaching out to people (while refusing to accept distorted reality and hate from them) is neither of those things. Telling people who aren’t doing that that they are taking the wrong approach from a high perch is.

Sometimes when you have cancer you treat it and try to save as much of the tissue as possible, sometimes you cut it the hell out. Is #gamergate an organ worth saving? I hardly blame anyone who doesn’t think so.

It is sad. I think that’s how a lot of people feel. And a lot of people who aren’t gamers are looking on in amazement, think, “Why would people do this over videogames?”

Imagine there was a news story about how some stamp collectors were bullying women out of stamp collecting. That would sure make everyone stay the hell away from stamp collecting.

Here’s the problem, what is anyone saying to @marilove other than: “You are doing it wrong,” “You are emotional,” “Not all gamergaters.”

The analogy to the KKK is completely apt. There are people who are in the KKK just for the social connection who don’t have a deep hatred for any of the groups the KKK was formed to attack, and yes, some of those people, given other opportunities, would leave the KKK and stop racist behaviours. If someone can put together an outreach program to reach those people then good for them (there are such movements in Germany for neo-Nazis). But does everyone else have to band together and say that, for the good of the few KKK members who aren’t as bad as the other KKK members we’ve got to lay off the KKK?

Gamergate is on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s radar as a hate group. At what point do the members themselves have a responsibility to look at outside sources and go, “Whoa!”?

Doesn’t this smell a little bit like white men sitting around talking about how everyone should be more sympathetic to misguided white men?


I also can’t believe noone brought up “#NotYourShield

I’m going to admit it, I honestly had no idea what #NotYourShield was about. If a woman or a person of colour posted something with #NotYourShield… did that mean that people who were not part of gamergate were trying to use that person as a shield? It just doesn’t quite make sense to me. I think there’s a gamergate-specific view of the world baked into that one.