Let's talk about the threats the people of #GamerGate face

So let’s talk about the harassment, racial bigotry, gender bigotry, and threats the people of #GamerGate and #NotYourShield face at the hands of third-wave feminists and Social Justice Warriors.

Enjoy your morning dose of truth.

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I do appreciate the dose of truth where your video’s premise pretty well outright identifies the “other side” GamerGate’s fighting against as feminists and SJW, not “people who are pro-corruption in games journalism” or whatever it is most of you usually claim because you realize that’s pretty indefensible. The lack of pretense about what you’re against is refreshing, and the honesty’s enough that, despite the video basically being a list of “this person I won’t identify says they’ve been doxed and harassed for no reason other than supporting GamerGate and I guess you’ll have to take my word on it because you can’t look for yourself”, I’m willing to provisionally accept that it probably happened to all of them, that it’s not made up for attention or a false flag as I so often hear GG speculating when one of their own is accused, and agree that it’s awful and denounce whoever did.

But, what’s your point? Because it’s pretty well a given there’s going to be some harassment on both sides… there’ll be some crazy ideologues even on good ideologies, who go too far or think it’s okay to sink to the levels of their enemy. I’m absolutely sure there were Allied soldiers who committed wartime atrocities on Nazis (even leaving Russia out of the mix) and should have been punished (does that Godwin the thread?). And I’m not saying you should look past them, judge those who did them, those who ordered them, as harshly as you’d like… but when looking at the group as a whole, you consider everything. The relative amounts. The goals.

Because let’s do that, let’s call it even (even though I suspect GG has done more to harrass individual women than anyone striking against GG has against GG members).

Feminists and social justice warriors, crazy extremists aside, are striving for equality and social justice. Good thing, in my book. Very important.

GG often claims it’s striving for some nebulous games-journalism-anti-corruption goal, and again, your video identifies the real enemy: they’re fighting against people who are for equality and social justice. That’s extremists aside.

That’s why GG as a whole is tarred by the actions of its extremists, and why feminists and “SJWs” never will be, except in paranoid fantasies. Because the extremist, harassing SJWs are readily identifiable as a crazy subset that don’t actually represent the goals of the group. The GG extremists… they seem to represent the goals of the majority of the group pretty well (analysis of the keywords they use in conversation pretty well confirms that), they just happen to be a little too aggressive about it.

And even if you pull back and try to argue that it really is about “ethics in gaming journalism”… that’s really not really a flag that seems all that worth wrapping yourself in, at least when the flag’s tainted with so much crap.

It’s like if you were joining a group and were told that there were going to be a fair number of nutcases in it that go way too far and their actions may well reflect badly on you… which would you rather join? Group A’s against oppressing and denigrating people for the way they were born. Group B’s against unfair pricing of celebrity autographs at ComicCon. In both cases they’re the major group focused on their area of interest, so it’s pretty much join the group or work on your own to that goal.

Now, you may well believe that autograph pricing has gotten out of control. And you have every right to fight against that… but I know I wouldn’t want to join a group devoted to that’s got some crazy murderous members, because in the end, it’s just not that big a deal. Group A, though, I’d be willing to join that group and do my best to tone down the nutcases from within.


What’s my point? My point is corruption in media outright refuses to admit that #GamerGate and #NotYourShield has experienced great harassment at the hands of third-wave feminism and Social Justice Warriors. They instead claim that they and their stupid social justice feminist agenda are completely innocent and that gamers are the root of all evil.

That corruption (see: outright lies) in media is exactly why #GamerGate exists.

Furthermore I’ve dealt with literally THOUSANDS of social justice warriors and feminists to know better. Your “extremists” are the norm. There isn’t one among you who’s beliefs are seated on terra firma. Why do you think I campaign against them so hard? Because the movements are poison and they destroy everything they touch.


So… #GamerGate exists… because the media refuses to admit that feminists and SJWs have harassed #GamerGate and this proves it’s corrupt?

Isn’t that a little like saying I punched you in the face because you were going to charge me with assault and ruin my good name after I punched you in the face?

Or are time travellers involved in the whole thing? Cause if you guys have access to Time Travellers, then, I gotta say… again, you’ve got so many better things you could be doing.


No that is one example, albeit worded poorly on my part.

10 articles in a single day all from interconnected (See: Gamejournospros) websites talking about the death of gamers using a similar lexicon is further evidence.

Gamesjournospros with prominent members discribing EXACTLY how they are going to craft a narrative is further evidence.

Backing a self-admitted misandrist in Samantha Allen. Yup they’ve defended and continue to defend a self-admitted bigot. But we are all told it’s a “bad thing” #GamerGate chased her out. Good riddance. Further evidence.

Not mentioning one word about the harassment, doxxing, hacking, and threats minorities and women in #GamerGate and #NotYourShield has received from Feminists and Social Justice Warriors.

Shall I go on?

Nice of you to say this. Otherwise, people might have mistaken you for someone who actually opposes harassment and threats in general, instead of simply a partisan upset that people have been criticizing your movement for them.


By “criticizing” i think you mean harassing and then using the corrupt media to gel it over. AMIRITE?

So backing up a self-admitted misandrist (see: sexist). The prosecution rests your honor.

The reason they will never be is because they’ve infested media who won’t dare portray their movement for what it is.

They have an iron-fist control of media and as such control the narrative. And then there are people like you who won’t look at it through any other lens.

Of course the greatest threat GG peeps will eventually face is a new cultural paradigm, a partisan and pro-feminist movement which really does include a clear investigation into the ethics and even the meaning of journalism as it pertains to the current and future development of gaming culture.

The astonishing irony of the situation is that whilst self-deselecting themselves from having any rational contribution to this usurping movement, they are, themselves, effectively driving its creation by forcing society to acknowledge and react to their exposed psychopathy.

What can I say? Keep up the good work!


Good job ignoring your beloved feminists attacking women.

i respectfully decline the opportunity to join your illusion.


One can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.


Yep! Here, let me make it explicit: as a human being who believes in ethics, I back up everyone’s right not to be silenced through harassment and death threats. Even sexists, not that I trust you to know them. Even people attached to gamergate, although I support stopping the harassment they cause through other means. Even you, though the fact that you are ok with such silencing leaves me with no respect for you whatsoever.

Edit: that you will have to speak somewhere else until 2039, on the other hand, I am entirely happy about.


I was going to say that you’d left out the last part of that quote,

But then I realized that you had decided instead to act it out. Bravo, performance art is so rarely done well.

I mean, seriously… “they’ve infested media” and haven an “iron-fist control of media.” Not to mention your earlier claims of games journalism all conspiring to take out your hobby.

How your Colbert-esque character refuses to ever consider that maybe… people just, in general, discuss these issues and disagree with you is sublime.

The only thing I might suggest is that the #GGers may have a bit of a point that this kind of thing is a little on the unfair side. I mean, I’m sure games journalism and game fandom are full of corrupt behavior, both related to this (on both sides) and in general, that could well use some dealing with, but your performance art is sure doing a great job painting the #GGers as delusional nutcases that there’s no chance of people taking them seriously at all, even on those few issues that they have some semblance of a point. And that makes it kind of a low blow. Funny, though, and very lifelike. Gotta give you credit for that.



Poe’s Razor is a subtle blade.

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Yeah, there’s that. “The death of Gamer” is all about how everybody is a gamer, “Gamers” are no longer a subculture.

And… that’s a bad thing?


So, are there some examples of GamerGate supporters receiving death threats that have been reported to the appropriate federal authorities? I’m genuinely curious.