Gamer Felicia Day on Gamergate



Don’t forget to add that her personal email and home address were almost immediately posted in the comments by user “gaimerg8”.

/cue “you just don’t understand gamer gate”


She posted this on Tumblr. Does Tumblr even have comments?

You can enable them… I’ve seen a few tumblrs with comments…


But GamerGate is all about ethics and such! The people with the hashtags say so!

yeah, apparently the ethics don’t apply to the people with the hashtags…


Is it possible to sum up what this whole gamergate nonsense is about in 140 characters? I missed the beginning, it looked stupid, so I ignored it, hoping it would just go away in a couple days and now… it’s not.

Some gamers are sexist assholes but claim they aren’t, yet somehow they are getting wide support in the gaming community?

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aaaaand, this is why i love felicia. because she’s awesome.


Q: Why do GamerGators never pledge allegiance? A: Because every flag is a false flag! Ha ha no wait I’m crying.


140 character version is:

People got upset due to (fake) claims that a female game dev had traded sex for positive game reviews. Got more upset when the games media called out their sexism. Unpleasantness ensued.

They’ve managed to get support because there are some real conflict of interest issues in games journalism, and a significant number of reasonable people have joined under the banner despite its dubious beginnings and associations with harassment.


Barack Obama does not have a history of doxxing people. Gamergate is the reason I know the word doxx.

Fuck off with your no-true-Scotsmanning. If Gamergate is leaderless and decentralized and anonymous, then the assholes and cretins who align themselves with it are just as much a part of Gamergate as anyone else. And you all benefit from the culture of fear they create. So, off, fucking, you, etc.


In the form of bad haiku, just for you.

Jealous man-baby
Hides his hate behind “ethics”
Sparks a hashtag war.

Women in gaming,
Opine on misogyny,
Receive vile abuse.


Newly minted account arrives to support GamerGate, state explicitly that it was probably someone using a newly minted account that doxxed a woman speaking against GamerGate, to troll, & not an actual GamerGate loser, because they would never…

Sit back & laugh at each throwing abuse at the other!? Except for terms like “manbaby”, “loser” which ring too true, the only abuse GamerGate losers seem to face is people pointing out the abuse that GamerGate losers dole out. Then it responds with more dumbass behaviour.

GamerGate & anything/one that supports it, even accidentally, is becoming synonymous with one word, one word only. “Loser”. Every other word is derivative.

You do agree that anyone who supports GamerGate is a loser, don’t you @BigTimStrange?


Steady on. I’m sure BigTim has been lurking for 10 years, but only now felt compelled to comment.


In all fairness, I have a b3ta account that’s almost 7 years old with 0 posts. I’m starting to wonder what the best lurking record is…


On a forum I used to used to moderate(which has an unofficial hall of fame for stuff like this), we had a user lurk for almost exactly 11 years before making his first post.

It was SEO spam and I promptly binned his account. One job. He had one job… :laughing:


Thing is, you’ve got the account already. So when you finally finish your kitten flash quiz and want to post it at b3ta, you can make the claim that you’ve been lurking for 7 years with credibility.

Anyway, no one has made any claims of the sort on this thread yet, so shhhhh… lets be quiet and wait and see what happens. I’m going to make a hide…


Does this mean that if someone shows up claiming that the people who are doing bad things aren’t part of gamergate, we can just assume that they are just some idiot with no opinion on the matter who is just posting to troll?

Because if not, you may need to expand more on why people should just assume (with absolutely no additional evidence) that one is a false flag and the other isn’t. Particularly since gamergate started with a guy posting private information about a woman online.


Well, every single one I have come across are pathetic little man-babys with a hatred of women. So, in my considered opinion they can all just f*ck off. Felicia was right to afraid.


It has distanced itself and moved on from its dubious beginnings?

Yeah, no. Not a statistically significant number of “reasonable” people.


Hi again, Camosy! You are Camosy from yesterday, right? Or do you guys take shifts? I guess you probably take shifts; you’re a better speller than Camosy was.

You know what, I’m just going to start keeping a log of Dudes Who Joined Just In Time To Defend Gamergate (And Will Never Be Seen Again). You can play along at home by replying with links to any I missed! The list stands at: Camosy! BigTimStrange!

Keep 'em coming, guys! We’re sure to change our minds eventually.