Gamergate's color scheme is a rape joke




Somewhere Bruce Banner is trying very hard to not get angry.


I’m not surprised that gamergate supporters are so delusional they don’t know the vivian james hoodie was specifically chosen to reference the daily dose. /v/ was pretty happy with it when they made it and didn’t hide the association at all.


I think saying “they might not know it” is giving them too little credit. The lulz run deep over there.


Wait, now I can’t use purple and green together without triggering someone?!? This is going to make the Hulk sad.



actually it’s about ethics in games journalism; the most honest and trustworthy sources on the internet–youtubers, breitbart and anonymous forum and twitter user–told me so with their enlightening imgur memes


This is the stupidest charge anyone could come up with for criticizing Gamergate. If you think it’s a rape joke, you ought to feel bad. Objectively, purple, green, and blue contribute to what is known as an analogous color scheme, something intended to promote harmony and calmness–and is contrasted by the red hair of the character nicely. Indeed, it looks like they lifted Vivian’s mode of dress from Zooey Deschanel

Source 1: What Would Zooey Deschanel Wear: Horizontally Striped Pullover
Source 2: What Would Zooey Deschanel Wear: Purple and Green Combined
Source 3: [What Would Zooey Deschanel Wear: Purple, Green, and Jeans] (Omitted to new user restrictions)


@beschizza Does this mean that Wicked Witch is also referencing this rape joke? The witch has green hair, a green broom, and has a purple gown:


Okay, so how do we help these particular self-identified ‘gamers’ feel some sense of control in their own lives, because that is probably the only solution to the childish rape jokes and the impotent threats.


The funny thing is how I included in the post the fact that gamergaters, rather than dealing with the fact they once again got pre-trolled by 4chan, instead began invoking the innocent use of purple and green to handwave away the circumstances of this particular use of purple and green.

Context: it’s like magic…



Purple+Green combo by somebody who never breathed 4chan daily: coincidence

Purple+Green combo by VJ/GG designer-creators who lived and breathed 4chan daily for years: not coincidenceor they all got hit on the head and suffered meme-specific collective retrograde amnesia.


It’s almost as if gators were as predictable as a fucking hourglass.


I maintain there would be significantly less nerdrage involved if this were true


As a comic reader and not a 4Chan user (or, obviously, GamerGate supproter), all I think of is:
Lex Luthor
Green Goblin

Add in just green OR purple and, well, that list explodes.


We’ve all got our in-jokes. Every time that song “Counting Stars” comes on in a public place I have a moment of disbelief before I remember that the reason why it shouldn’t be played in public is known only to about twenty or thirty people in the entire world. But if I were the one to decide to include that in a piece of art, it would be fair for a friend of mine to point out the intent.


Just decide to go with the coincidence variant, it will make it easier for everybody.


Green, White, and Purple were the colours of the Suffragette movement… The purple was for dignity the white was for purity and the green was for hope. That’s what I saw in the logo.

Maybe that’s not the first thing that comes to a gamergate supporter’s mind. But it is still so.


I hope it’s not me being utterly weird but the controller is clearly intentionally sexual (doggy style and rapey). The colour scheme is a detail.


Behold: The Incredible Sulk.