Popehat's #Gamergate rants



It’s nice to see this kind of discussion on PopeHat. Their previous piece on GamerGate, by a contributing writer, was a rather obnoxious piece which seemed to advance the thesis “we should grant GamerGate the benefit of the doubt because those pesky SJWs are winning the culture war, so let’s root for the underdog” and left a rather bad taste in my mouth.


Argh. I used to follow Marcotte fairly closely, until she started cultivating formal relations with the Democratic Party and started turning on radical activists. But I thought her comments on the Duke lacrosse case were Marcotte at her best, cutting through the layers of bullshit to the core of the issue.

Alright, which one of you cultural marxists is trying to stifle this poor attorney’s speech?

Also, pretty good read @KenatPopehat !


People who want to read it while the site’s down, or want to reduce the load on Popehat’s poor defenseless servers, can read it via the Google Cache or Wayback Machine.


I have to admit, I was kind of disappointed when I saw this go up on here, because that conversation seems to be the only one I’ve encountered that uttered the dreaded *****Gate out loud and didn’t spontaneously combust in the comments section. Expected that to end shortly, but, a full on slashdotting? Impressive.

Actually, it’s about LOLcats in journalism.


That’s one of the best things about Popehat, imo. Almost everything Clark writes makes me want to vomit, but the site is still richer for his terrible opinions and the other writers’ dissent/evisceration of them.


I thought Popehat got Boinged often enough that it had evolved survival techniques.

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The link is either broken or boingboinged

Yep! Read the discussion for alternate links. Which you’ve probably seen by now.

Nope! My comment feed hadn’t been updated yet. Thanks for pointing it out!

The one thing I can say for Gamergate is that there does appear to be a contingent of non-misogynists who have genuinely bought the “it’s about games journalism” line. They’re deluding themselves, IMHO, but it seems like that subgroup might be amenable to seeing reason if it’s presented diplomatically.


Unless you’re British or Australian :smiley:


He has #gamergate in the post, there may be other reasons for the traffic spike.


I was about to say… DDoSing is a favorite tactic of these folks who can’t handle criticism well.


My first thought too, but let’s see. Might be legit.

Exactly - how am I going to get any decent sledging done if Gamegaters have degraded the word?

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Eh, as noted above, there was a previous entry by another contributor on Thursday of last week, that was… Not quite as middle of the road. The comments section there was less reserved than the section for today’s, but still had only minimal flameout’s and odd misunderstandings. Between the two, if I was to guess which would cause more interest from folks rabid about the conflict at large, i’d have guessed the one Thursday, which seemed to weather whatever traffic it gathered just fine.

Plus, the point where it went down is strongly correlated with the timing of the link from here. Granted, not evidence of causation, but…

Even though I’ve had my own disagreements with Marcotte, I thought that Ken White’s linking to that particular article was a bad misstep in what was otherwise a really good article of his own.

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