Brianna Wu uploads Gamergate death threat to shame Ohio prosecutor


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Did you ever want to play questions?

Movement? That’s like a bowel movement, right? Not like a popular uprising kind of movement?


Police seem more concerned about POCs and terrorists when it comes to threats of violence, real or imagined (by the police/security/intelligence agencies). A white guy has to shoot up a movie theater or a school before his mental issues are noticed/addressed by society/the justice system.


Federal Bureau of Indifference


Agent - you misunderstood. We received these death threats about your daughter.

Case closed in one day.


Congratulations on making this all about you.


Well it looks they censored my post anyway because it didn’t fit with their narrative.

Don’t worry though! The reply about bowel movements is still here!

Keep keeping it classy, BB.


This has made me reconsider my stance on ethics in gaming journalism. The caller made some great points.



One’s a shitty meme, the other’s a post about bowel movements.


The real question is whether the prosecutor can sell these cases as “hacking.” If so, there’s a chance at prosecution. Otherwise, well, what is the prosecution rate for violent rape?


Well they had that one initial statement that is something, then just piled on the shit after that.



Hi Blazeblast! Have you enjoyed your first twenty minutes on BoingBoing?

If harassment is contrary to Gamergate’s aims, why do they keep doing it? SEE: the Digra2015 hashtag, accusing Arthur Chu of calling in a bomb threat, mocking Brianna Wu as her dog was dying (Milo Yiannopolous: “If I were Brianna Wu’s dog, I’d willingly swallow poison”), and on and ever on? Is it possible, perhaps, that a leaderless anonymous movement has poor messaging control?


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Paragraphs, check 'em out.


Sir! You aren’t implying he is one of a hundred people setting up multiple accounts to jump on someone at an important moment, are you?


sell these cases as “hacking.”

depending on the state both harassment and death threats can be illegal. there are also federal laws about sending threats interstate via postal mail that might be viable routes for prosecution.

here’s ohio’s laws: (wu asserts that the caller is from ohio.)

what is the prosecution rate for violent rape?

question: just what is “violent” rape. by definition: all rape is a violation, and therefore violent.


Are you implying that the prolific and well-documented harassment against Brianna Wu is imaginary?


And yet they keep doing it


are you the same person as @Blazeblast4, or just coincidentally another newcomer with a similar narrative?

( i’m beginning to suspect that gamer’s gate consists of <7 actual persons. )