☭ Sup Marxists? ☭


I like it! Carry on!!!


Yes, they had full control over the means of procreation reproduction.


I’ve noticed a lot of people coming in and talking about the boingboing echo chamber recently. Comparing this to Fox news, saying the commentariat here is a lynch mob, suffers from groupthink, etc. This is actually them playing the role of Will Smith in Independence Day. They’ve stolen technology from the superior arguers (the technology of saying your opponents live in an echo chamber) and they are using it against their oppressors (people who are actually thinking about what they are saying).

They see this issue (and every issue) as an us vs. them struggle, and think that since they won’t consider opposing points of view, no one ever does.

But regarding this particular case: Wow, anti CC, eh? Against allowing people who create things to decide what to do with those things if what they want to do with those things doesn’t align with your worldview.

This is who we have to be really scared of. Those asexuals and their no-sex-for-anyone agenda. Next thing you know they’ll be demanding the right to get married and then not have sex with their spouses. Soon the supreme court will rule that we all have to asexual marry one another! Why doesn’t anyone ever talk about this? Are you all afraid of the truth?!?!


That one is kinda’ normal.
I love #3 – I would need to put the pants legs over a square form and starch the eff out of them – when required to wear a suit, I would definitely wear that one in a serious fashion.


I know, but militant asexual sounds like something a right winger would come up with.


Well how else are big huge corporations going to continue to profit off our labors, if we’re all a bunch of creators, with control over our own time and labor? Since he believes in capitalism, that’s how it’s supposed to be, right?


I like the piping on the jacket, though…


Abstinence warriors? Isn’t that what they want?


Only until they’re married. After that they are supposed to join the quiverfull movement.


I believe that the politically correct term is man tamer


He’s also anti OpenSource, which is not about things being free (“as in beer”) but the ability to look at source code and see if there are errors or malicious chunks (phoning home, sending your cc#s to China, &c).

If you’re anti-OpenSource, you are anti-security by default.

Which is an odd position to take.


But… there are more odd positions in that screed than on a Khajuraho temple.


He may be anti-Marxist, but he likes things to be free.

But that, he says, is anarchy. Although it looks like bog-standard marketing.

There’s so much dissonance in his posts my cognitive is aching.


Are Groucho Marxists class conscious?


Well, I know a lot of snarky Marxists on Twitter.


Anarchy comes from the market? Tell me more about this wonderous thing called the “market” says Bakunin!


snarky marxists would be a great band name…


I don’t think there actually are any Groucho Marxists because none of us would belong to a social movement that would have us as a member.


Great answer! I was actually fishing for “all Groucho Marxists are fully conscious that they have no class.”


I like to be unconscious in class, does that count?


They’re certainly club conscious.

And thus also race-conscious. But let me go back to the Redskins thread to check if Marx is allowed to make an potentially anti-semitic joke…

“sniped” by @Humbabella while I was worrying about the racial implications of the quip!

But let me be the first to buy you all a round of Rootless Cosmos at the bar.