"Misogyny is out of stock"

Holy crap, this is kind of amazing:


I saw this originally at Jezebel, and they said it was apparently done by “Christian Anarchists” on a website called Jesus Radicals:

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I’m halfway into the Christ-as-anarchist part, but don’t see how that correlates to feminism. I suppose it played better in their minds when they thought the shop owner was a man?

Ah, they’ll get old and go back to the Church of Christ or Pentacostal or whatever they do up in Buford and hope none of the other congregation remembers their radical youth.

They only took “girly” calendars, which have scantily clad women on them… It’s specifically about the objectification of women in order to turn a profit. At least that’s what I think they are doing.

“Wait, you’re saying we shouldn’t stone the adulteress to death?” was a pretty progressive stance for its time.

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point taken

The WSBTV article says scantily clad men and women were on the calendars. “Fuck the patriarchy” signs lead me to think the calendars with guys on them were innocent bystanders though.

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Maybe they made the signs and planned the theft before they realized the scantily-clad-guy calendars were there, but took both just so they wouldn’t look like hypocrites.

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Can’t people also group the sexual exploitation of men under the patriarchy?

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