Short shorts lead to violence at company BBQ


I guess they Daisy Duked it out.


Another victim of the slut shaming Patriarchy. Oh… wait…

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Yes, actually. Women are socialized into supporting the “slut shaming Patriarchy” all the time. It’s amazing how many people will vote against their own interests.


Ma’am, thank you for taking a swipe at one of the many forms of terrorism that we face in these troubling times. Ever Vigilant!


At least we have a partial answer to the timeless question posed by the Royal Teens in 1957:

Q: Who Wears Short Shorts?
A: Not Alica Rae Hanson of Snohomish, WA.


Which of course made me think of:

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I’m guessing that it was probably more than just short shorts – perhaps a little office love triangle?

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Your post pairs rather unfortunately with chgoliz’s directly above.

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I’m curious, what benefits does the patriarchy get from slut shaming?

In my personal anecdotal unrepresentative experience I’ve found women slut shame far more than men, but I run in mostly liberal, educated circles.

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Control. If you can control how women present themselves and conduct their sexual lives, they remain your property.

And if you manage to farm out the outrage over “inappropriate” behavior/dress to other women, presto, you’ve got women fighting over access to you while you appear to remain above the fray.


Following your reasoning, men with a less controlled/inhibited sex drive control/inhibit the sexual lives of women via slut shaming in order to . . . ? Get laid less? Miss out on their sexual fantasies? Have to make the first move and face rejection?

Help me finish that sentence, I really don’t get it.

We all fight over access to the other gender. In women, it’s appearance focused. In men, it’s testosterone fueled machismo. In our society where women control sex, I would argue that men likely work harder to impress.

What??? No photos??? What kind of journalism is this! How can we make judgements on this without the visual…eh…truth?

…in order to limit other men’s access.

These dynamics aren’t established by guys who have a hard time getting laid; they don’t need women to be, ah, indiscriminate with their affections in order to have a chance with them. Don’t take this the wrong way, but they aren’t the men who think that “women control sex.”

To be fair, it was really hot last week. Like in the mid-80s Fahrenheit. We don’t get that kind of heat in Western Washington often. Like, a few days a year, sometimes a week or two in August.

We all know that cooking in an oven is disastrous to common sense. It brings out the craziness.

My dear, consent rests with women in the western world. If you would like to see what it’s like the other way around I recommend you look into the middle east or parts of Africa. They contain actual examples of patriarchies that control women and sex; women don’t decide their partners, their fathers do. Here that would be called rape. There, roving bands form and group rape women in public protests.

Here: men ask girls out; men ask girls for marriage; men ask girls for sex.

Allegations of female on male rape are not taken seriously in our society. Why is that? Because men can’t be raped; they always want it. Only women are choosy.

I’m curious how you come to your conclusion that men control sex.

Is that you, Professor Dawkins?


Exactly. Guy wanted to have sex with pretty girl, asked her, and was refused.

She is frequently propositioned, and exercises her control of sex in saying no.

She gets threatened by a very small minority of men who seek to forcefully take sex from her, or use sex as a weapon against her. That freaks her out and makes her uncomfortable in elevators when men ask her for sex.

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