Celebrate V-day with a Misandrist Tote Bag


Dare I ask why the person in the photo is wearing a gas mask?


Real men don’t need gadgets to hate themselves.


That “design” is clip art that has been floating around on the internet for at least the last 5 years. I would be really surprised if the “designer” drew this as opposed to finding and claiming it.

Does BoingBoing need extra MRA types hanging around, what with the “misandrist” label and all ?


Be sure to Remember to buy your significant other a Blood diamond nestled in a conflict mineral ring and set it on a large box of kidnapped child slave labor box of chocolate from the horn of Africa.

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Eehh, I haven’t seen any in a while, and I could do with a laugh.

I thought the thing of flaunting misandry was more of a TERF thing, tbh, which is why I was frankly surprised to see it posted here on BB.


I have to wonder if a tote flaunting some sort of mysogynist 50’s “get back in the kitchen women” sort of clip art would be featured here on BB.

Yes, I know males are still the privileged sex, but sexism is still sexism. We can either work together to make a more equal and fair future, or we can split up into “us vs. them” factions…(almost unbelievably, some of us males do actually really want a world where our friends, relatives, and daughters get all the same advantages that someone with a penis would have).


TERF = Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist ?


Termite Exceptionalist Radical Fisheaters.

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Yeah, those folks who think that trans women are the worst men ever.

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sexism is indeed still sexism. and, since sexism is the combination of gendered prejudice with institutional power that’s not afforded to women (or anyone else who is not a man) as a social class, this is definitely not it.

also, great job correlating genitals with gender. because we really need more cissexist essentialism in the world. the list of “advantages that someone with a penis would have” is pretty fucking short if that “someone with a penis” is a woman.

@Shane_Simmons Thankfully, we transfeminists get a good kick out of misandry, too. We can’t let the TERFs take everything, now, can we?

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Actual source of image : Craphound


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“…aimed at all those who want to smash the romantic industrial complex in style…”

…by obliviously taking part in ritual consumerism as suggested by niche marketing put out just in time for the holiday! Now, you too can stand out and make a statement of your individuality and freedom of will by spending money on our mass produced knick-knacks, along with countless others!

No matter your philosophy, religion, opinion, or whim, we cater to YOU! Hate capitalist imperialism? Join the Resistance and buy our new Che Guevara commemorative mug! Hate racism? Stick it to Whitey with our 100% Bengal Cotton blend Civil Rights Leaders t-shirt set, featuring Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Junior, and the Reverand Jesse Jackson! Hate environmental degredation? Let the world know with our classic “Save The Wilds!” ultra-low carbon foot print, 100% recyclable Barbeque Grill, available in Majestic Lion, Soaring Condor, and Lone Wolf styles!


To filter out the Male Haze?

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I don’t buy the argument that “fill in the blank-ism is the combination of prejudice with institutional power” argument (which I’m sure makes me a pariah around these parts). It may be weak and toothless “ism” without said power, but it’s still not right and is unjust. A blanket judging a person by race, color, sex, gender, religion etc… is still a pretty a-hole thing to do even without the power to force anything based on that judgement. It may not fit an academic definition of a particular “ism”, but I believe that it fits a commonly socially agreed upon definition.

A comparable situation would be a lot of racism perpetrated by “minority” races. Just because a target may be white doesn’t mean that it’s not racism and is somehow excusable or justified (and before anyone crawls up my ass on this one, I am a non-white “minority”).

And you’ll have to excuse my “penis” comment. No offense was meant by that, and while I acknowledge the “cissexist existentalism” of the statement, it was meant merely as a somewhat dismissive note on how ridiculous it is to judge the worth of people by their genitals (or perceived gender or whatever). I’m not going to go back and edit my statement, but perhaps I should have written “as someone who is perceived by society to be a heterosexual male”.

Seriously, to boil it down to it’s essence the thought is “Hey, singling out a group of people for ridicule or persecution is kind of uncool regardless of what said group’s power status is in the current society”. Simply put, it’s not constructive and rarely (if ever) leads to a good place.


Because they are ashamed of their messy bedroom and possible copyright violations by their appropriation of “found” imagery.

sexism is indeed still sexism. and, since sexism is the combination of gendered prejudice with institutional power that’s not afforded to women (or anyone else who is not a man) as a social class, this is definitely not it.

Oooh! Good weaseling there.


“What do you give your single friends and ex-partners on Valentine’s day?”

You give them NOTHING! Valentine’s Day is for sweethearts/lovers/significant others (as in current, no exes need be involved).