WWII was won by shirtless, grapefruit-drinking men


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I suddenly feeling the urge to go buy some danged Cannon towels.


The guys in that first ad look like a pair of happy mutants who would rather be doing wonderful things.

The guys in the second ad look like they are. :smiley:


Well, the second ad has some measure of authenticity as there was naked frolicking to be had. My father, who was in the Pacific in the Second World War, talked about how they’d all get naked and swim around in the lagoons (despite the fear that they’d get their dangling willies bitten off by the crocodiles and barracudas that lived there).

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Colonel Frank Fitts approves.

more like the HOTTEST generation, amirite??


Clearly the Nazis had no monopoly on homoerotic propaganda.


Disrespectful asshats.

oh yeah. cradle the percussion cap, baby.

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If I had to drink grapefruit juice, I’d just get the damned thing over with too.

BTW, haven’t we seen these before?

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I came across a book called “Company K” written as a memoir of WWI in a thrift store.

In the first chapter or two was a tale in which the author and an Army colleague, upon leaving the bathing facilities engaged in playful horseplay in the snow( entirely platonic, of course ). The troll thought to himself: “naaa, certainly not…get your mind out of the gutter, troll.”

Perhaps I am missing an obvious irony here- so at the risk of sounding naive I ask: Could it be that these images are artifacts of a very innocent era and our modern salacious interpretation of these images ( and my story about young men wrestling in the snow after a shower ) are reflections of a sex obsessed culture?

Cultural Marxism depends heavily on the public exposition of sexuality in opposition to Western Civilization. In this case, take some early to mid century advertisement of partially clothed men, that were after all consumer advertisements, and present them archaeologically as a sign of repressed homosexuality as a critique of Western norms.

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WWI was fought in a thrift store?

Back on topic, those boys sure look like they know how to ram a load into a breech.


Less of that Culturally Marxist humour, now!


Hipster fan fiction.


That’s not the army - that’s a party at Elton John’s house!

I thought of Cultural Marxism as a wildly anti-Semitic conspiracy theory even before Anders Breivik used the fight against “Cultural Marxism” as his main excuse for murdering some 80 children.


Is the guy wearing the helmet in the foreground supposed to be a giant subliminal penis?

Apparently circumcised, since he is not also wearing a scarf…
(more evidence of our Jewish Cultural Marxist overlords?)


How much of the recruitment psychological screening in the old days was specifically to screen out gays? Probably a lot. No doubt many of them ended up working on assembly lines and such in the war effort. And homosexuality was still a criminal offense pretty much everywhere.

These days it seems like gay sex scandals often involve the Marines. Are the Marines the gayest branch of the service?

They would probably tell you that it is the Coast Guard, but ya, the Marines are probably the gayest… :smile:

Twice, at least:

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