Marx's birthplace celebrates his bicentennial with Communist traffic-lights


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A year and a half ago I visited the museum in Trier that was the house Marx was born in. Really worth seeing, and I even bought the Marx chocolate bar from the gift shop. Also Trier has lots of ancient Roman ruins which I also enjoyed.


What, they don’t just give you one??

Also - this is a really odd tribute. I mean, what? I guess I could see a statue or something like that, but WTF is the point of a pedestrian light?

Also, wonder how this would have flown in former East Germany?


Welp, that goes straight onto my tourism map!


Probably quite well, but the GDR didn’t do “fun”. At least not officially.

It’s a thing.


Figures. They gave us one of Engels:


“Zee beatings will continue until moral improves!”

Er, I mean what is the point of putting a “commemorative” light up? Like, was he really into these lights? It seems like an odd thing to alter.


Hey, it was a good chocolate bar alright! But more seriously the museum does need to support itself under capitalism, and having a gift shop is a pretty common way to do so. Much of what they sold beyond some knick knacks is Marx’s writings. The museum is also supported by a foundation run by the German Social Democratic Party.

There are also many monuments of Marx still in the former East Germany, most well known at Chemnitz and Berlin. While the authoritarian aspects of the GDR aren’t kindly remembered, Marx is generally seen as a great thinker who had an important impact on the development of German democracy, and his legacy isn’t just the Soviet Union.


If you like wine, Trier is also the capital of one of Germany’s historical wine producing regions on the Moselle River.


“Marx’s birthplace celebrates his bicentennial with Communist traffic-lights”

You forgot to put a smiley after the title. There is nothing communist about those lights.


One of them is RED, isn’t it?


Oh, I love the area. I worked in Oberndorf a.N. for a few months, and work still sends me back for meetings every now and then. I’m just annoyed I didn’t know about the museum before!


Idea: maybe commemorate some of the 100 million souls who died under communism.

You could break it down by purge. Stalin’s gulags, the Great Leap Forward, the Hungarian Revolution, the Killing Fields of Cambodia, etc.


cool And the memorial to capitalism will be abandoned cities sunken into a dead ocean.


As a former USAF member stationed at Hahn AB in the early 80s, I took weekend day trips to Trier often. Beautiful town. But clearly dumb people.

In addition to Mosel white, a Trier specialty is apple wine. (Not as tasty as you imagine, though.)


Rest assured, just another 100 million or so and we’ll get all the bugs out. The New Soviet Man is just around the corner!